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TechTarget has a proven track record of successfully serving the information needs of ANZ tech buyers and delivering ROI for ANZ-focused tech marketers. More than 421,000 active IT researchers in ANZ rely on TechTarget websites for advice on solving technical problems and maximizing their IT budgets. ANZ-specific editorial articles, case studies and monthly eZines supplement our global best practices advice, offering unparalleled insight into local technology considerations.

More than 125 technology vendors in ANZ benefit from TechTarget’s innovative digital product portfolio. Each quarter we deliver over 18,000 leads, identify more than 500 confirmed tech projects, contextually align 7 million brand impressions and enable countless sales and marketing professionals access our intent data portal, Priority Engine™. Find out how TechTarget’s digital platform, serious buying audience and data-driven insights can accelerate your progress.


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Featured report: The state of APAC IT digital marketing

Digital spending in B2B tech in APAC is undoubtedly on the rise. TechTarget has just released a new report on APAC digital marketing, outlining key budget areas and challenges marketers face when executing digital marketing strategies across the region. See the key findings today.

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