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TechTarget is the go-to resource for ASEAN tech buyers looking to solve technical problems and spend their budgets wisely. Over 568,000 registered members in Southeast Asia depend on the TechTarget portfolio of sites for the web’s most dependable global IT best practices content—as well as localized articles and eZines addressing the unique information needs of Southeast Asian businesses.

More than 100 technology organizations leverage TechTarget to reach this audience of ASEAN IT decision makers. Only TechTarget can track Southeast Asian buyer activity across thousands of technology subtopics and target them with relevant messaging. With innovative marketing solutions ranging from behavior-based digital demand generation to technology project identification, data-driven account insights, contextual brand alignment and custom content creation, TechTarget is uniquely positioned to help tech companies build pipeline and elevate their brands in one of the world’s fastest-growing regions.


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Featured report: The state of APAC IT digital marketing

Digital spending in B2B tech in APAC is undoubtedly on the rise. TechTarget has just released a new report on APAC digital marketing, outlining key budget areas and challenges marketers face when executing digital marketing strategies across the region. See the key findings today.

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