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TechTarget combines years of experience in China with unmatched digital capabilities to help you generate demand and build your brand in a market filled with growth potential. Our network of Simplified Chinese sites segments the technology arena into granular topic areas so we can understand which prospects are researching which individual solutions. We behaviorally target our more than 800,000 members in China based on their current areas of research. That ensures your content gets promoted to active buyers in your market. Through this digital-first approach to demand generation, we’re delivering over 20,000 Chinese leads to tech marketers each year.

TechTarget makes doing business in China easy. We offer a single, English-speaking point of contact to manage China campaigns. Plus, marketers lacking good local-language content can accelerate their efforts by sponsoring our editorial products, making it simple for global and regional marketers to jumpstart their China-focused initiatives.


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3 Ways Intent Data is Helping APAC B2B Sales Reps Adjust in Today’s Market

Everyone in the past few years has had to adjust the approach we take in our professional lives. This is especially true in B2B tech sales and especially true for many of the B2B tech sales reps we work with in Asia Pacific who have traditionally relied very heavily on face-to-face interaction at events. Read this blog to learn how intent data is helping to fill this gap.

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