Proven success in driving digital demand in China

TechTarget combines years of experience in China with unmatched digital capabilities to help you generate demand and build your brand in a market filled with growth potential. We’ve extended our Activity Intelligence™ platform to our network of 10 Simplified Chinese websites, allowing us to behaviorally target our more than 800,000 members in China based on their current areas of research. That ensures your content gets promoted to the best prospects. Through this purely digital approach to demand generation, we’re delivering 25,000 Chinese leads to tech marketers each year.

Advertisers on the TechTarget China network gain unique insights into each lead and account’s activity. Our proprietary Activity Intelligence Dashboard™, now available for all Chinese lead generation campaigns, is an online visualization tool highlighting campaign activities, overall vendor mindshare and a timeline of content downloads to identify pre-purchase signals.

TechTarget offers a single, English-speaking point of contact to manage China campaigns and local-language content sponsorship opportunities across dozens of topics, making it easy for global and regional marketers to jumpstart their China-focused initiatives.


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Featured report: The state of APAC IT digital marketing

Digital spending in B2B tech in APAC is undoubtedly on the rise. TechTarget has just released a new report on APAC digital marketing, outlining key budget areas and challenges marketers face when executing digital marketing strategies across the region. See the key findings today.

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