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TechTarget DACH provides the highest quality of topical German editorial coverage for the B2B IT market. Created with the sole focus on enterprise IT decision makers, the three in-language sites deliver some of the most experienced IT writers and editors in Germany. Operated solely in German from our office in Munich, it is through this editorial focus that TechTarget DACH drives over 600,000 page views per month from 250,000 unique members. This strength in content and audience has attracted over 100 customers since operations opened in 2013. Through Activity IntelligenceTM—our behavior-based tracking of German language users across our network on more than 10,000 technology topics—TechTarget enables tech companies to reach, influence and develop pipeline from prospects relevant to their solutions within the region. This exclusively online demand-generation activity follows the in-region “double opt-in” law so that all users are opted-in properly before being passed along to advertisers.


6M+ unique network visitors

250K total members

24K new members per year

5,000 in-market leads delivered quarterly

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Why Global Marketers Must Budget for Localized Content

Global technology marketers recognize the challenges in creating localized content for non-English speaking countries: It’s expensive and difficult to maintain in the face of a changing market strategy. But your customers and prospects are asking for native-language content. This article reviews the risks of not providing it.

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