Uncover serious technology projects in one of the world’s fastest growing economies

All B2B tech marketers in India face a few common challenges. In a market so vast, how do you identify actual IT projects, separate serious buyers from casual researchers and scale efforts to cover a country of 1.25 billion people?

TechTarget can help.

Our Indian audience is large (2 million registered members), active (2.4 million downloads per month) and engaged (converts to 16,000 in-market, quarterly leads). Most notably, we use Activity Intelligence™ to build a unique profile of each user’s and every account’s topical interests based on research patterns. As a result, we can deliver unparalleled insight into thousands of confirmed Indian technology projects and leverage an innovative set of products to influence real India IT buyers.



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Featured report: The state of APAC IT digital marketing

Digital spending in B2B tech in APAC is undoubtedly on the rise. TechTarget has just released a new report on APAC digital marketing, outlining key budget areas and challenges marketers face when executing digital marketing strategies across the region. See the key findings today.

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