Reaching key IT decision makers in the Middle East

TechTarget produces a network of more than 140 niche technology websites dedicated to providing IT professionals with deep, technical content to use in technology purchase decisions, including a dedicated resource section of

Globally relevant articles about specific technologies—combined with locally relevant news, CIO interviews and case studies—attract a critical mass of serious IT buyers from across the key markets within the region, including the Gulf, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel.

Through Activity Intelligence™—our behavior-based tracking of users across our network on more than 10,000 technology topics—TechTarget enables tech companies to reach, influence and develop pipeline from prospects relevant to their solutions within the region.

With over 375,000 members in the region and 4,000 Middle East sales leads generated quarterly, TechTarget has the audience, experience and local expertise to enable exponential growth in this rapidly expanding market.


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Maximize ROI with customized Middle East marketing programs

Find out how you can take advantage of programs that help you reach your marketing objectives and drive ROI with our audience of IT decision-makers in the Middle East, including:

  • Integrated online brand and demand generation programs available with guaranteed results
  • Middle East-specific online magazine sponsorships to target decision-makers in region
  • Editorial newsletter sponsorships to align your brand with editorial thought leadership in the market
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