More Effective Marketing: 3 Things a Marketer Can Learn from a Graphic Designer

Vince Bitel

VP of Creative Services

3 things to learn from graphic designerThe guy dressed in black three cubicles over knows something you don’t. He’s not smarter, he’s not more experienced nor is he a better marketer. But every day he does things in ways that would benefit you if you knew how effective his methods are.

Below are 3 methods to consider…

3 approaches you should learn from a graphic designer

1. You’re solving problems, not performing tasks

A lot of marketers think designers are applied artists, as if we paint pretty flowers on earthen pitchers to make them more attractive. That’s not the case. We’re problem solvers: we consider how to make the form and shape of the pitcher more useful and attractive, for better results with the user.

When approaching a marketing project, instead of trying to apply a solution you’ve seen or blindly repeat methods that worked before, think about solving the unique problem you face. Every problem is unique, whether it’s messaging to a new audience, launching a product or getting more response from your database. You’ll get much more engagement when your marketing is authentic to its purpose.

2. You should be creative

It’s somewhat of a tired phrase to suggest to someone, “be creative.” But each day a designer arrives at work ready to try to avoid being a cohort in producing mundane marketing that your audience ignores.

Being creative doesn’t have to mean pushing boundaries so far out that you risk damaging your brand. And for you, it doesn’t mean consideration about what the marketing pieces look like. It’s about you coming up with clever, meaningful stories and methods to carry your message to your audience. It’s a sure fire way to rise above the mountains of tired marketing that bombards your audience every day.

3. You have to take care of the details

“Don’t sweat the details” is often heard in the office environment. I’ve seen many marketers assume they are being told that the details don’t matter, and the end product of their efforts definitely shows it. Designers are taught to obsess over small details like the space between two letters in a word. That’s not crazy and inefficient; it’s one of the many small things that on their own don’t mean much, yet when they come together they create a more receptive audience experience.

The quote isn’t “Don’t care about the details” because your audience notices the details and will hold your brand accountable. The real point of the maxim is to avoid fixating over small stuff pointlessly, and instead be sure you delegate details to someone who can take care of them while you concern yourself with the big picture.

Try putting on a black shirt some time

Be authentic, be creative, be mindful of the details and you’ll be more engaging to your audience and build more trust for your brand.

If you have any thoughts you would like to share or would like to share other ways you’ve learned from the people around you, please feel free to leave a comment or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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