TechTarget News - Week of Jun 26, 2011

Unite members at Fujitsu’s Crewe site to strike

Members of the Unite union at Fujitsu's site in Crewe have voted to take strike action over the alleged unfair treatment of a trade union activist.

James Gosling Says He Doesn't Care About Java

At TSSJS 2011, James Gosling, the father of Java, talks about Java and the JVM, and opines about how the Java Virtual Machine, not necessarliy the Java language, is what he is most passionate about.

Case study: Behind the scenes of the IT powering Wimbledon's tennis tournament

As the IT partner at Wimbledon for the last 21 years, IBM has experienced more flying rackets, rain and strawberries than Roger Federer has had grand slams. Computer Weekly took a look behind the scenes at the technology powering Britain's biggest sporting event of the summer.

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