TechTarget News - Week of Sep 25, 2011

How BP made its supplier ecosystem work

Oil and gas giant BP spent 65% of its $3bn annual IT budget with 3,000 suppliers in 2008, but now it outsources to only seven and has reduced its annual IT budget by $800m as a result.

Cognizant acquires Zaffera

Outsourcing company Cognizant has acquired Zaffera, an SAP retail consulting and software development firm, for an undisclosed sum.

GE's journey from waterfall to Agile practices

General Electric Co. turned to Agile practices to revamp software development in its Energy division. Now Agile is making its way across the company.

Power protection for the data centre

All the servers in the world are useless without electricity. And securing the supply of power has become a key challenge for data centre managers. Swinburne University faced this challenge in the solution design for their data centres.

Security firm selects Fujitsu IT services

Security company G4S has outsourced its IT infrastructure and services to Fujitsu and has agreed a £32.9m seven-year contract.

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