TechTarget News - Week of Aug 28, 2016

Apple faces record multibillion-euro tax penalty

Apple has been hit with a €13bn tax bill after European competition authorities ruled the company benefited from an illegal tax deal in Ireland

Jeremy Corbyn launches Labour digital manifesto

Labour leader pledges a digital revolution, with a £25bn investment in high-speed internet, digital citizen passports and open source software

Encryption hiding malware in half of cyber attacks

Cyber attackers are using encryption to hide malicious activity, making it increasingly difficult to find as more organisations turn to encryption to protect data, a study has revealed

Swift warns banks of fresh wave of cyber heists

An undisclosed number of banks have been targeted and some have lost money in a new wave of cyber thefts, Swift has warned

Cyber security breaches reported to ICO double in a year

An increase in cyber security incidents reported to the Information Commissioner’s Office is further evidence of the need to shift to automated, artificial intelligence-led defences, says Huntsman Security

Businesses struggling with EU-US data transfer uncertainty

Businesses are facing a highly complex regulatory landscape due to uncertainty around the future of transatlantic data transfers, according to the initial findings of an IAPP report

Nordic CIO interview: Mattias Wedar, Eniro

Computer Weekly talks with Mattias Wedar, head of user and customer experience at Eniro, about how the Swedish directory company is tackling change with closer integration of IT and product development

DWP joins up digital, data, security and IT

After the departure of its business transformation director, Kevin Cunnington, the Department for Work and Pensions is reorganising its digital design and IT teams

Lessons from the Dropbox breach

Dropbox is the latest major company to confirm a data breach, albeit four years old, but – as with all recent data breaches by cloud-based services – it highlights some key security lessons

More IoT botnets connected to DDoS attacks

Security researchers have found another botnet operation exploiting internet of things devices to carry out powerful distributed denial of service attacks, prompting calls for IoT device makers to improve security

Enterprise public and private cloud workloads rise

ICYMI: Enterprise cloud workloads grow, Check Point tracks ransomware as a service and Cisco continues to dominate in the routing and switching market.

Last.FM joins Dropbox in confirming 2012 hack figure

More than 43 million accounts have been confirmed as compromised in a hack at Last.FM in 2012, underlining the weaknesses of password-based security

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