TechTarget News - Week of Jul 30, 2017

OVH opens first UK datacentre in south London

French cloud provider OVH has opened the doors on its first datacentre in the UK, slightly later than planned

Moonwalk software streams data to cloud archives

The free Starter Edition of Moonwalk's archiving software migrates up to 25 TB of data to repository or clouds as files or objects, as well as supporting AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google clouds.

Startup Morro Data launches CloudNAS services for SMBs

Startup Morro Data makes available hybrid cloud storage services for SMBs, blending an on-premises cache appliance for frequently accessed data and Amazon S3 or Backblaze.

Red Hat acquires Permabit for inline deduplication

Permabit's inline compression, data deduplication and thin provisioning software will be integrated with Red Hat Enterprise Linux to help boost performance and lower costs.

Hacking voting machines takes center stage at DEFCON

DEFCON attendees were successful in hacking voting machines and now that there is proof the systems are insecure, more work needs to be done to change election laws and practices.

Ransom DDoS attacks on the rise

The use of distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks to extort money from organisations is on the rise, warns security firm Kaspersky Lab

Cyber criminals make it difficult to follow the money

Following the money is a classic technique used by law enforcement to link criminals to crimes by tracing associated financial exchanges, but that may not be easy in the case of the WannaCry attacks

MalwareTech arrested for Kronos banking Trojan connection

The FBI arrested the famed security researcher known as MalwareTech after a two-year investigation into the creation and distribution of the Kronos banking Trojan.

AVST, Collab9 partner on UC platform for governments

In UC news, AVST and Collab9 announce a partnership for FedRAMP-authorized cloud services, while two surveys find corporate email isn't going away anytime soon.

IoT device security bill mandates security standards

News roundup: U.S. Senators introduce a bipartisan bill to standardize IoT device security for government vendors. Plus, Anthem suffers another data breach, and more.

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