TechTarget News - Week of Oct 15, 2017

SMEs more vulnerable than ever to cyber attacks, survey shows

The biggest cyber threat to UK and US small businesses is employees’ weak passwords, as the frequency, intensity and cost of cyber attacks continue to rise, a study has revealed

Pizza Hut data breach shows need for board control

The poor handling of the data breach by fast food chain Pizza Hut shows that company boards need to take control, a London-based law firm advises

Singapore will soon house the world’s biggest AI hub

Private investment firm Marvelstone Group plans to build an artificial intelligence hub in Singapore, which is just beginning to lay the foundation for an AI ecosystem

AI adoption still nascent, says SAS survey

At its 2017 conference in Amsterdam, analytics software supplier discloses research into enterprise readiness for artificial intelligence, and identifies blockages

Government gives ODI £6m to improve data knowledge

The Open Data Institute has been awarded £6m in funding from InnovateUK for a series of projects aiming to improve the UK’s data expertise

SAP Hybris paints the future of commerce

Technological advancements and swathes of data have made machine learning and mass personalisation of products possible, but companies are still sailing on the edge

NHS lost further 162,000 patient documents, PAC hearing reveals

NHS England CEO Simon Stevens admits a further 162,000 lost patient documents have been found, following news earlier this year that a probe had discovered more than 700,000 documents went undelivered

Actifio Sky adds intelligent search across clouds

Actifio's Sky goes beyond copy data management. It searches and manages data across clouds and on-premises storage with new analytics and a global catalog.

KRACK WPA2 flaw might be more hype than risk

Researchers discover a WPA2 vulnerability and brand it KRACK, but some experts say the early reports overstate the risk of the flaw and downplay the difficulty of an exploit.

CW500: How the NHS WannaCry cyber attack unfolded

NHS Digital’s head of security talks about the security landscape in the NHS and why it led to extra challenges when the WannaCry cyber attack hit the NHS in May 2017

Openreach to open ‘grey’ fibre to broadband providers

Openreach is proposing to add a new feature to its optical spectrum access product to give broadband communication services providers more control over their networks

ROCA RSA flaw unveils secret keys on wide range of devices

Researchers disclosed the ROCA RSA vulnerability as a dangerous flaw in the cryptographic code of Infineon chips that could undermine encryption key security for a number of devices.

Southend-on-Sea to become a smart city

Southend-on-Sea Borough Council will use Cisco’s Kinetic for Cities platform to improve service delivery, development and citizen engagement through digitisation as it transitions to a smart city model

Lack of transparency obscures public cloud costs

IT administrators admit they are not making the most of their cloud storage and computing resources. Costs can escalate quickly if virtual machines are not managed properly

Security industry more open, integrated and collaborative

McAfee says shift in industry’s approach is evidenced by adoption of its Data Exchange Layer and new collaborations through McAfee Security Innovation Alliance

NVMe flash array startups Pavilion Data, Vexata jump in

The 4U Pavilion Memory NVMe flash array comes with 20 controllers and 40 Ethernet ports. Vexata markets VX-100 appliances running Active Data Fabric distributed storage.

Red Hat updates Gluster Storage for OpenShift container apps

Red Hat beefs up its Container-Native Storage with block and object interfaces and a significant increase in persistent volume density for use with its OpenShift Container Platform.

Ransomware decryption framework now available

McAfee has released a decryption framework to boost the production of decryption tools to help victims of ranswomware attacks

The 5G wheels are spinning in APAC

Adoption of 5G across the Asia-Pacific region will be led by China, South Korea and Japan, but telcos will need to find the right pricing strategy to compete with IoT connectivity upstarts

Why open network systems are so difficult to find

Bloggers explore open network systems, look into the development of unified security operations and analytics, and recommend how to tweak an Ansible playbook.

Advanced Protection Program locks down Google accounts

Google's Advanced Protection Program greatly increases the security of user accounts, but the usability tradeoffs may not be worth it for average users.

Google Play bug bounty hunts RCE vulnerabilities

A Google Play bug bounty program, run by Google and HackerOne, asks testers to hunt for remote code execution vulnerabilities in some of the top Android apps.

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