TechTarget News - Week of Nov 19, 2017

Australian broadcaster hit by data breach

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is the latest organisation to fall prey to misconfigured Amazon S3 storage buckets, exposing database backups and sensitive data such as login credentials

Use GDPR to future-proof business models

Businesses should look beyond compliance with new data regulations to ensure that their business processes and models are in line with future requirements, advises a privacy innovation expert

Budget 2017 to promise huge UK technology boost

Wednesday’s Budget will include funding for artificial intelligence, driverless cars, 5G, digital skills and more computer science teachers

Infinidat embeds SAN, NAS replication in InfiniBox R4

Infinidat's software upgrade eschews SCSI in favor of custom IP-based replication protocol. The vendor claims InfiniBox R4 delivers target writes at sub-400-millisecond latency.

Universal Credit moves into Amazon Web Services cloud

Parts of the digital system underpinning the controversial welfare reform programme are now running on AWS under DWP’s hybrid cloud strategy

DOD exposed data stored in massive AWS buckets

A security researcher at UpGuard found exposed data in Amazon Web Services' cloud storage buckets. And once again, the data belongs to the Department of Defense.

UK cyber defenders set to build on existing capability

UK national cyber attack response and investigation is a well-defined and rehearsed process, but the responsible agencies say they are building more capability and closing the gaps

Ransomware rages on with no signs of abating

The rampant digital extortion facilitated by ransomware in 2017 will continue next year, with healthcare and industrial systems expected to be new prime targets

CIO interview: Juan Perez, CIO, UPS

UPS CIO Juan Perez talks about the importance of having a “business-intimate” IT department and using technology to develop a “personal touch”

Nordic CIO interview: Emil Dahlin, Svevia

Swedish construction company Svevia is transforming digitally, driven by chief information officer Emil Dahlin

Cyber security requires man and machine, says F-Secure

Like other cyber security firms, Finland’s F-Secure is building an artificial intelligence capability into its products and services, but says this is no replacement for cyber security professionals

Nominet serves high-speed broadband service to Loch Ness

Villagers around Loch Ness to take advantage of more reliable broadband, but no word on whether the area’s most famous resident will sign up

HPE hails progress in using AI to build autonomous datacentres

Hardware giant claims to be the first in the industry to bring artificial intelligence-based infrastructure management software to market that can predict datacentre problems before humans can

Uber recognises need for consumer trust after breach cover up

New Uber leadership has recognised the importance of consumer trust and that they never should have attempted to cover up a 2016 data breach that affected millions of customers and drivers

HSBC recruits CIO from Google

HSBC has recruited a CIO from Google as it seeks to continue to digitise its retail banking services

Meg Whitman steps down as HPE CEO

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise CEO Meg Whitman is to step down after six years in charge

US charges Iranian man with HBO hacking

The US has charged an Iran-based hacker with accessing HBO's computer systems, stealing data and attempting to extort millions of dollars

Why device upgrade strategies fail

The industry is built on 30-year-old code, writes one analyst, and that is one reason why device upgrade strategies often fall short.

Government urged to improve redress for mass data breaches

Open letter calls for UK government to make it easier for consumers to get compensation for mass data breaches by implementing an effective system for collective redress

GDPR could ramp up cyber extortion demands, warns researcher

The ransom demanded for stolen or encrypted data is likely to rise after the General Data Protection Regulation compliance deadline in May 2018, according to a cyber security researcher

Government 5G investment must address roll-out as well as R&D

Chancellor Philip Hammond announces further round of investment in network connectivity technology, with more cash for 5G and fibre broadband projects, but some say it’s time for the government to invest in roll-out as well as R&D

StorOne attacks bottlenecks with new TRU storage software

After six years of development, an Israeli startup launches new Total Resource Utilization storage software that aims to eliminate bottlenecks and improve storage efficiency.

Work needed to ensure positive tech revolutions, says researcher

The first technology revolution was brought about by all computers going online, but care must be taken that in the second and third tech revolutions, the good outweighs the bad, a cyber security researcher warns

Gartner on the Pentagon’s ‘misconfigured’ AWS S3 bucket data leak

After details of the Pentagon’s online data collection habits came to light in the wake of its recent AWS S3 bucket leak, Gartner said web users should not be surprised to know the intelligence services are keeping tabs on their online activities

Geospatial Commission announced in Budget to open up OS data

Chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond announced in his November 2017 budget a £40m Geospatial Commission to open up Ordnance Survey data to stoke new business for small companies

DCMS opens local fibre broadband fund to applicants

Public sector bodies invited to apply for funding from £190m fund designed to stimulate local-level investment in FTTP broadband services

Public sector IT suppliers demand clarity over G-Cloud 10 launch date

G-Cloud listed IT suppliers are getting concerned that the next iteration of the framework agreement could be delayed by up to a year, and claim it could harm the public sector’s digital transformation efforts

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