TechTarget News - Week of Jul 15, 2018

A quarter of Brits think they already have full-fibre broadband

CityFibre research commissioned to support its campaign for more clarity in broadband advertising appears to show widespread misunderstanding of what fibre is or what it means

New industry network to bolster data protection in ASEAN

The Data Protection Excellence network will assist organisations and individuals new to data protection laws by providing hands-on training and professional certification courses

Russian cyber attacks show need for international rules

Russian cyber attacks aimed at influencing foreign elections highlight the need for the international community to agree on rules of conduct and punitive consequences

Channel roundup: Who's gone where?

Holidays are for wimps and those working in the HR departments across the channel never take a break with the appointments continuing to clock up

Ransomware message getting through

High profile attacks on the NHS and the activities of the channel educating customers has made an impact on ransomware attack figures

Rackspace colocation program hosts users' legacy servers

Rackspace now has a managed colocation program that it hopes to upsell its customers with additional services, once their servers are in-house.

Notre Dame uses N2WS Cloud Protection Manager for backup

The University of Notre Dame has moved 80% of its academic and administrative data to the AWS cloud, and relies on N2WS' Cloud Protection Manager to back up and protect it.

New Elastifile CEO intensifies startup's cloud focus

Elastifile's new CEO plans to increase the company's focus on filling a 'huge missing piece' of enterprise file storage for public clouds and sees more customers shifting away from on-site deployments.

Chief data officer role: Searching for consensus

The chief data officer role is about many things -- regulations, innovation, AI and more. Consultant Randy Bean discussed the matter ahead of an MIT symposium on the topic.

Mobile devices lost in London underline security risk

The security risk of lost mobile devices is underlined by the fact that almost 26,000 mobile phones and computing devices were lost in London in the past year alone

Rio Tinto transports iron ore with autonomous train

The 280km journey in Western Australia was made under Rio Tinto’s autonomous train programme aimed at improving the productivity and safety of workers

Expect jobs equilibrium if government sticks with AI plan

If the government keeps to its artificial intelligence sector deal, the number of new jobs created through the use of AI and automation will balance the job losses

Kcom secures second aggregate HSCN contract

Network services provider Kcom will supply broadband connectivity over the Health and Social Care Network to 10 health organisations in the north-east of England

Spectrum costs hit the world’s poorest hardest

The inflated cost of radio spectrum to support mobile network roll-out is harming the economic and social welfare of billions of the world’s poorest people, says the GSMA

Cryptominers plateau while backdoors shoot up

Illicit cryptocurrency mining appears to be slowing down, but backdoors increased rapidly in the second quarter of the year, a report warns

Mitel appoints Westcon-Comstor as part of go-to-market review

The comms firm has been reviewing its go-to-market strategy for the past few months and concluded that a pan-international distributor would make a good addition to the partner roster

CMS creates chief health informatics officer position

The newly created chief health informatics officer position for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services will focus on developing a health IT strategy for CMS.

Quantum is revolutionary, but UK must fix funding

Quantum sensing could replace GPS navigation, and cut the cost of major building projects. But industry needs to work with academia to prototype quantum technologies

Experts skeptical an AWS switch is coming

An AWS switch -- reportedly possible in the next 18 months -- would not benefit the cloud provider's customers, experts said. Instead, AWS needs to offer better connectivity.

Microsoft Azure Dev Spaces, Google Jib target Kubernetes woes

Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud both added cloud application development tools that improve and simplify the process of creating apps that run on the respective platforms.

AWS Snowball Edge extends EC2 on premises

AWS Snowball portable data transfer devices gain EC2 functionality, as the public cloud vendor seeks more ways for customers to use these boxes in their private facilities.

Cyber security top priority for aircraft makers, says Airbus

There is a high level of collaboration in the aircraft industry on cyber security, but not all other industries are at the same level, according to an industry veteran at multinational aerospace and defence firm Airbus

Google record fine could lead to Android fork

Amazon’s Android was one of the operating systems mentioned by the European Commission as it imposed a record €4.34bn fine on Google

MSPs facing sales and marketing challenges

Findings from Datto have indicated that there are several issues that MSPs are facing with sales and marketing and staffing two of the main problems

Retail cyber security spending ineffective as breaches rise

Cyber attacks on the retail sector are increasing, and although most retailers plan to increase cyber security spending, planned investments are unlikely to be effective, a report reveals

Microsoft to push migration message to Windows 7 users

A campaign starting this week will start to highlight the need for Windows 7 users to make the move to the latest OS with the end of support deadline not that far away

NHS on the hunt for chief data officer

The NHS CDO will report directly to NHS Digital CEO Sarah Wilkinson, get paid up to £176,750 and be responsible for a budget of around £57m

8x8 X Series combines UC and contact center

The cloud delivery model has made it easier to combine unified communications and contact center technologies into a single platform, as evidenced by the release of the 8x8 X Series this week.

Intel, Micron end 3D XPoint memory joint development

Micron and Intel plan to end their joint development of nonvolatile 3D XPoint memory next year, after finishing work on the second generation of the nonvolatile memory technology.

Salesforce's Marc Benioff calls for a national privacy law

After Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff's call for a national data privacy law, Salesforce's chief privacy officer responds to questions about the Salesforce privacy stance.

Cost, doubt about tech hold back AI for HR investment

AI technology will improve the productivity of HR departments by eliminating many routine and transactional processes. But what will happen to the HR employees?

Heathrow flights grounded by IT failure

Aircraft unable to take off at airport following failure of an IT system at one of BA's suppliers, that even led to the temporary closure of the control tower

Orange starts 5G tests in Paris

After successful trials in Romania, Orange begins testing 5G use cases in its home country

Uber appoints first privacy and data protection chiefs

Uber is getting its privacy and data protection house in order in the wake of damaging data breaches and in anticipation of the company’s planned stock market launch in 2019

Desktop 3D printing market stalls

Movement by vendors and pressure on demand in the professional desktop segment have produced a decline in Q1 according to Context

Just Eat on the lookout for 150 tech professionals

Online food marketplace Just Eat has announced it is on the lookout for talent to fill 150 technology roles, 80 of which have been recently created

DDoS threat rising back up the agenda

Increased digital transformation and lower costs for criminals mean that denial of service attacks are going to rise and deserve the channel's attention

Digital consortium aims to develop digital inclusion project

A consortium of firms has come together to develop a project involving technology and local government partnerships to promote digital inclusion for those who are not digitally capable

Missions acquisition will simplify Slack integrations

Slack's acquisition of Missions will help users without coding knowledge take full advantage of its platform by making it easier to build custom Slack integrations and workflows.

Cyber criminals use fake domains to scam businesses

UK police are warning businesses that cyber criminals are using fake domains to scam businesses out of hundreds of thousands of pounds

Commvault architecture overhaul reduces product count

By consolidating more than 20 offerings into four repackaged product sets, Commvault moves to simplify the purchasing process and eliminate its architecture's 'features sprawl.'

Vendor admits election systems included remote software

A vendor admitted to compromising its election system security by installing remote access software on systems over the span of six years, but claims to have stopped the practice.

Big Switch taps AWS VPCs for hybrid cloud networking

Big Switch plans to roll out software for creating virtual networks in AWS and a private cloud. The hybrid cloud technology takes advantage of AWS VPCs.

Tintri acquisition proposal leaves customers in limbo

DataDirect Networks sees Tintri's analytics and flash capabilities as an entry point to the enterprise, but Tintri customers remain in the dark about their storage vendor's fate.

Microsoft Azure platform sparks partner offerings

Microsoft Inspire 2018: Channel partners are rolling out products and services to take advantage of Azure's market momentum and its status as a pivotal Microsoft platform.

Matt Wood talks AWS' AI platform, ethical use

AWS' AI tools have gained traction with users but also criticism from civil rights advocates. Matt Wood, an AWS deep learning and AI exec, discusses AWS' evolving portfolio.

GCP Marketplace beats AWS, Azure to Kubernetes app store

Google is the first major public cloud provider to sell prepackaged apps for container orchestration clusters, but expect AWS and Azure to follow quickly with Kubernetes marketplaces of their own.

Data analytics in government efforts lack structure

Data analytics in government agencies lack organization, focusing on immediate problems instead of attacking underlying causes without a unified strategy or system.

Confusion reigns over value of 5G, says report

An Analysys Mason report commissioned by the Broadband Stakeholder Group has highlighted some of the challenges facing the deployment of 5G mobile networks in the UK

Uptick in UK privacy awareness, says ICO

The UK’s privacy watchdog, the Information Commissioner’s Office, reports increased public awareness of privacy and information rights issues

NCSC report underlines cyber threat for legal firms

Legal firms are a top target for cyber attackers, the latest report from the National Cyber Security Centre shows, emphasising the need for comprehensive cyber defence capabilities

Brussels aims to become an insurtech hub

Belgian capital is calling on startups as it eyes up the huge opportunities in the insurance technology sector

GDPR drives down UK insider threat

The insider threat in European countries is falling post-General Data Protection Regulation, but continues to rise in the US, a study has revealed

Digital transformation in logistics: Delmar begins tech overhaul

Delmar International has agreed to move its IT infrastructure to Rackspace managed services, representing a huge shift for Delmar's IT strategy and digital transformation plans.

Microsoft adds live broadcasting software to Teams

Microsoft has added live broadcasting software to Microsoft Teams and Yammer through a new integration with Microsoft Stream.

Cloud misconfigurations can be caused by too many admins

Cloud misconfigurations have reached a point where sensitive data can't be protected with manual control, says BetterCloud's David Politis. And part of the issue is too many admins.

SaaS activity alerts can mitigate manual misconfigurations

SaaS activity management is becoming more important for infosec teams to combat issues of insider theft and unintentional exposure of sensitive data, BetterCloud's David Politis says.

Critical Cisco vulnerabilities patched in Policy Suite

News roundup: Critical Cisco vulnerabilities in Policy Suite products were patched this week. Plus, Venmo's API is set to public, exposing a trove of customer data, and more.

Startup Arrcus aims NOS at Cisco, Juniper in the data center

Startup Arrcus has launched a scalable network operating system aimed at all switching tasks in the leaf-spine network. The new ArcOS is a NOS alternative to Cisco and Juniper.

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