TechTarget News - Week of Oct 28, 2018

Australia earns mixed record in IT agility

Despite being fervent adopters of cloud, Australian enterprises are slower than those in the US and UK in deploying business-critical applications

IBM acquires Red Hat in $34bn hybrid cloud push

IBM and Red Hat senior leadership teams confirm imminent merger, which they claim will help accelerate migration of enterprise workloads to the hybrid cloud

High street dealers get Budget relief

Chancellor indicates that those struggling with business rates will get help in the face of mounting online competition

Carbonite backup comes to virtual machines

Now called Carbonite Server VM Edition, the latest expansion of Carbonite's backup capabilities signifies the vendor's strategic push into the midmarket.

NetApp HCI aimed at hybrid clouds

Late to HCI, NetApp tries to play catch up against Dell EMC, VMware and Nutanix by pushing its SolidFire flash-based product into hybrid cloud deployments.

IBM-Red Hat juggernaut targets hybrid clouds

IBM and Red Hat plan to build a raft of complementary open source products to capture a huge hunk of the hybrid cloud market, but not offend their respective partners.

Inside PropertyGuru’s DevOps journey

The online property search firm is at ease with microservices, containers and serverless computing, even as it grapples with legacy applications that were developed earlier on in its history

Hammond’s digital services tax is a big risk, say experts

The tech industry is not impressed with the chancellor’s plan to tax web giants, saying it can stifle innovation, while tax lawyers warn that it is a very risky move that could lead to US retaliation

Aim for long-term customer identity relationship

Consumer identity management can deliver competitive advantage, but only if businesses follow some golden rules, says KuppingerCole

Excelero adds NVMe flash via Ethernet and Fibre Channel

NVMesh2 will allow NVMe flash connectivity, so customers can use existing network hardware between servers. Erasure coding for data protection is also added

Education resellers get Budget boost

A £400m bonus for schools is going to spent by some on improving the technology they use in the classroom

Data literacy training offerings key to BI vendors

Tableau announced a basic certification training exam, adding to its roster of online data literacy courses. Self-service BI rival Qlik also has a big focus on data literacy.

IBM Red Hat acquisition roils open source container management

IBM agreed to buy Red Hat with Kubernetes in mind for its multi-cloud management strategy, and it'll have far-reaching implications for the open source container management community, especially Cloud Foundry.

Inside Schneider Electric’s Batam smart factory

The French energy management and automation firm has nearly halved material wastage by applying smart manufacturing technologies at its Indonesia plant

UK Post Office looks to enable reusable digital ID

The UK Post Office is investigating the possibility of enabling UK citizens to re-use their passport data for other applications where digital identity is a key component

Ofcom releases BT from 2005 Openreach undertakings

Following the legal split of the two organisations, telecoms regulator Ofcom has formally ‘released’ BT from the 2005 undertakings set up to manage the Openreach infrastructure business

GDPR driving data protection maturity

The EU data protection laws are helping to drive data protection maturity internationally, but five months after enforcement many companies are still playing catch-up, says consultant

Microsoft sounds AI warning

Those customers that do not take an interest in artificial intelligence face losing ground and missing out on the benefits

IoT R&D projects missed out on £10m of government funding

A series of delays and disruption caused chiefly by changes in project ownership meant the government’s IoT UK Research and Innovation Programme failed to use a quarter of its allocated budget between 2015 and 2018

Electric Cloud boosts DevOps orchestration, visibility

As enterprises increase their DevOps tooling investments, Electric Cloud aims to position itself as an orchestrator for the disparate teams and technologies within an organization.

Gartner Symposium 2018: 6 emerging trends in security

At Gartner Symposium 2018, analyst Peter Firstbrook highlighted the emerging trends in security that cybersecurity pros -- and their employers -- need to prep for in the next year.

The first sandboxed antivirus is Windows Defender

Microsoft created the first sandboxed antivirus solution in its latest Insider version of Windows Defender for Windows 10, moving proactively to harden the product against attacks.

PwC 5G survey finds consumers not ready to pay

A PwC 5G survey finds service providers will have to educate consumers and build unique services if they expect potential buyers to pay more for the high-speed wireless technology.

Excelero NVMesh 2 supports TCP/IP, Fibre Channel

Excelero's software-defined storage extends NVMe over fabrics support to TCP/IP and Fibre Channel, but the startup isn't abandoning NVMe over RDMA with its NVMesh 2.

HBS panel discusses regulating social media platforms

At Harvard Business School's recent Tech Conference 24, three panelists discussed the potential need for regulating social media platforms by an independent, quasi-governmental system.

Three introduces 4G+ at 2,700 sites

Mobile operator Three hopes to boost average mobile data speeds by up to 33% through carrier aggregation

Robotic delivery service hits the streets of Milton Keynes

Following extensive testing and a limited commercial roll-out in campus enterprise environments, Estonian robotics firm Starship Technologies is launching a direct-to-consumer robot delivery service in Milton Keynes

Key elements to success in consumer identity management

Success in consumer identity management is not just about getting the technology right, it is also about keeping in mind the consumer needs, preferences and concerns, says KuppingerCole

Nutanix extends its Beam to private cloud deployments

Hyper-converged infrastructure maker Nutanix pushes its Beam cloud monitoring and management platform into customers’ datacentres, but only for Nutanix deployments, for now

Druva backup supports AWS Snowball Edge appliances

Druva customers can perform cloud migration to Amazon Web Services more simply due to Druva Cloud Platform's integration with AWS Snowball Edge devices.

Virtual Instruments makes VirtualWisdom proactive

A major update to Virtual Instruments' infrastructure management product adds proactive analytics, predictive capacity capabilities, interactive topology maps and iSCSI support.

Alexa to manage Aerohive Wi-Fi networks

Access networking supplier Aerohive is to add Alexa skills to its HiveManager network management suite

The IBM and Red Hat mega-merger: Who stands to benefit most?

IBM is in the midst of a multi-year repositioning as it looks to offset the downturn in enterprise demand for its traditional, on-premise offerings by courting enterprise cloud buyers, prompting it to place its biggest bet yet on open source

Human error to blame for many cloud security issues

Following on from research from McAfee indicating it is a fairly confusing picture out there Claranet has called on more focus on the human end of cloud security

Grow rapidly into a continuous delivery pipeline

IT organizations that undertake continuous delivery and deployment initiatives must find strategies to enable that nonstop rush into production without any space for massive or prolonged user-facing problems.

How Cisco 400 GbE switches compare with Arista's

The introduction of Cisco's 400 GbE switches comes a week after Arista unveiled its hardware. The products differ in merchant silicon, optical connectors and backward compatibility.

Jlab 2019 to focus on experiential shopping

Each year, John Lewis hosts a number of retail startups intent on using technology to transform the industry. Next year they will be aiming to change the customer experience in-store

Radisson hotel group could be GDPR test case

Privacy watchers say the breach of personal data of members of the Radisson Hotel Group’s loyalty scheme could be an interesting test case for how the GDPR will be applied

Customers want more automation and better data

A global Cisco study has found that customers looking to innovate need to take the pressure off the IT budget by getting better at predicting where problems might occur

Ofcom has another go at liberalising duct and pole access

Telecoms regulator is making a new attempt to establish better access to BT’s duct and pole infrastructure for communication services providers

Facebook to appeal EU-US data transfer ruling in Irish Supreme Court

Facebook will appeal a decision by the Irish High Court to refer questions over the legality of EU-US data transfers to the European Court of Justice in January, as the Dublin court rejects attempt by a UK IT expert to join the case

Amazon opens Alexa for Business to third-party devices

Amazon's AI voice assistant platform for enterprises, Alexa for Business, is now compatible with third-party devices from vendors including Polycom.

DevSecOps not limited to coding, says analyst

DevSecOps is seen as a way of ensuring application security, but security leaders must understand that embedding a security culture and taking the inter-dependencies of new development frameworks into account is key, says KuppingerCole

Kraken ransomware gets packaged into Fallout EK

Researchers found Kraken ransomware has become more popular after being packaged in the Fallout exploit kit and becoming part of an affiliate program.

SamSam ransomware campaigns continue to target U.S. in 2018

News roundup: SamSam ransomware targeted 67 organizations in 2018, according to research. Plus, Equifax is sending its breach victims to Experian for credit monitoring, and more.

Rackspace retools managed public cloud business

Rackspace's managed public cloud business is packaging services to help customers at different phases of their cloud journeys; other news from the week.

HashiCorp Vault maturity prompts strategy speculation

HashiCorp is valued at $1.9 billion for its IT management software, such as Vault 1.0, and the IBM-Red Hat merger has set off speculation about the firm's future.

In IBM deal's wake, Red Hat RHEL 7.6 targets hybrid cloud

After its acquisition by IBM, Red Hat wasted little time unveiling the next version of its flagship product, RHEL 7.6, which supports hybrid clouds and updated security.

Wi-Fi 6 to spur industry confidence in Wi-Fi, report says

In networking news, a report shows increased confidence in Wi-Fi; Ciena releases an analytics-as-a-service product; and Avi Networks targets multi-cloud load balancing.

IBM and Red Hat wield power over enterprise Java

Expect enterprise Java to evolve under the influence of new stewards, including IBM and Red Hat which will likely steer it toward cloud-native and microservices development.

CockroachDB managed database service rises into the cloud

The Managed CockroachDB distributed database cloud service targets megascale workloads but faces stiff competition from public cloud players Microsoft, AWS and Google.

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