TechTarget News - Week of Dec 04, 2022

How Bosch is driving Industry 4.0 in India

Bosch India is leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to detect manufacturing defects and plans to tap quantum computing for material simulation

Vodafone CEO Nick Read steps down

As telco operator battles with delivering shareholder value, it has decided it needs a new CEO

Cohesity doubles down on cyber-defence failings via backup

Datahawk service and Data Security Alliance bring clean data restores, ransomware artefact detection, data vaulting and data audit for a clearer understanding of attack impact

How HashiCorp is driving cloud provisioning and management

HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet talks up how the company is supporting cloud provisioning in a hybrid environment and its investments in Asia-Pacific to capitalise on the region’s growth potential

Reynolds runs its first cloud test in manufacturing

The maker of popular household brands will decide whether an IoT system from DXC Technology will help reduce natural gas use in Reynolds' manufacturing operations.

Education sector hit by Hive ransomware in November

The education sector remained a popular target last month, particularly from Hive, a ransomware-a-as-a-service group, that even warranted a government alert in late November.

Don’t become an unwitting tool in Russia’s cyber war

Researchers have turned up evidence that enterprise networks are being co-opted by Russian threat actors to launch attacks against targets in Ukraine. How can you avoid becoming an unwitting tool in a state-backed attack?

EU fails to protect human rights in surveillance tech transfers

Transfers of surveillance technology from the European Union to African governments are carried out without due regard for the human rights impacts, the European Ombudsman has found after a year-long investigation into the European Commission’s management of an aid fund

Logicalis CEO: Sustainability is non-negotiable

The future of the planet is uncertain, but more efforts are being made across the channel to ensure the IT industry is taking positive steps to improve the situation

MSPs report user cloud shift is rising

Research from Kaseya quizzing managed service providers has shone a light on the accelerated movement of workloads to the cloud

Legacy IT magnifies cyber risk for Defra, says NAO

Some 30% of Defra’s applications are currently unsupported, magnifying cyber risk as the government department struggles to make progress on a digital transformation programme

MegaRAC flaws, IP leak impact multiple server brands

MegaRAC BMC software from American Megatrends, Inc. have a trio of serious security vulnerabilities that were discovered following an intellectual property leak.

Cisco teases new capabilities with SD-WAN update

Cisco SD-WAN 17.10 enhancements give enterprises the option of using security service edge providers Cloudflare and Netskope in secure access service edge deployments.

Stakeholders want more than AI Bill of Rights guidance

While organizations like The Brookings Institution applaud the White House's Blueprint for an AI Bill of Rights, they also want to know when enforceable AI rules will be coming.

Vingroup to run SAP systems on Google Cloud

The Vietnam conglomerate and EV maker is planning to migrate all its SAP systems to Google Cloud in a move that is expected to reap cost savings and improve product quality

Post Office scandal – “cock-up or cook-up”?

The second phase of the Post Office Horizon IT scandal raised more questions over who did what, when and where, with shocking revelations at every turn

Air IT and Nexer Group active on M&A front

Firm Air IT continues to show its determination to use M&A as a way of bolstering its position in the UK managed services market

Survey: Most want green IT but many won’t get it soon

IT – and storage in particular – consume huge amounts of energy but sustainability targets are proving to be elusive, according to a survey commissioned by Pure Storage

HPE adds private cloud to GreenLake

Vendor continues to add functionality and compatibility to its as-a-service portfolio at a time when customers are looking for help managing their data

How Databricks is easing lakehouse adoption

Databricks is making it easier for organisations to adopt a data lakehouse architecture through support for industry-specific file formats, data sharing and streaming processing, among other areas

Australia to develop new cyber security strategy

New strategy to be developed by top cyber security experts aims to turn Australia into a global cyber leader, among other goals

Société du Grand Paris books in Nokia IP, private wireless for metro rail network

Nokia forms secure mission-critical communications system behind four Grand Paris Express lines that will transport two million passengers per day, delivering enhanced capacity, reliability and performance, and contributing to efforts to boost operations, safety and rider experience

Vodafone makes first European deployment of OpenRAN in urban location

Vodafone announces European OpenRAN deployment first for a live urban environment, demonstrating the technology is a viable alternative to traditional RAN in all scenarios, not just rural locations

Need emerges for sustainable network infrastructure transformation

Survey of IT decision-makers and 1,200 office workers across EMEA region reveals that infrastructure users are committed to change but demand more positive action and greater understanding from leadership

GitOps hits stride as CNCF graduates Flux CD and Argo CD

Flux and Argo CD earned graduated status within CNCF after a year in which platform engineering adoption and DevOps advances put both in the enterprise spotlight.

Hyperscalers tackle supply chain resilience

Microsoft and AWS unveiled supply chain management platforms that are intended to enable businesses to build capabilities in their clouds and tackle supply chain problems.

Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Oracle win JWCC contract

The Department of Defense Joint Warfighting Cloud Capability contract allows DOD departments to acquire cloud services and technology from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and Oracle.

CockroachDB brings user-defined functions to distributed SQL

User-defined functions land in Cockroach Labs' new database update aiming to improve application development. The release also adds Intelligent Insights for performance monitoring.

IT system limitations a factor in passport delays

Limitations in the UK’s passport office IT system led to delays in applicants receiving their documents during a recent period of high demand

Online Safety Bill returns to Parliament

MPs and online safety experts have expressed concern about encryption-breaking measures contained in the Online Safety Bill as it returns to Parliament for the first time since its passage was paused in July

Secureworks embarks on channel-first approach

Security player is determined to put its business through partners and is putting the pieces in place to support that ambition

Labour unveils plans to make UK global startup hub

The Labour Party has published a review into the UK startup landscape, which calls for a number of changes to help make the country a more attractive place for startups

Government announces £490m education investment

New investment into classroom facilities and funding for specialist education providers is aimed at better development of STEM talent

People and processes key to a successful analytics strategy

A commitment from the C-suite, including appointing data leaders, that leads to processes that enable data-driven decision-making are critical to successful BI.

Diversity within your AI team can reduce bias

The CEO of the Women Leaders in Data and AI group discusses why including women and other underrepresented groups on AI teams can help to address the problem of AI bias.

New OpenDrives CEO on the current state of storage

Izhar Sharon weighs in on the evolving direction of the company, the commoditization of hardware and storage trends for the year ahead.

Juniper's CN2 supports Kubernetes networking on AWS

Juniper simplifies Kubernetes networking on Amazon's Elastic Kubernetes Service by adding virtual networks and multi-dimensional segmentation in the hybrid cloud.

Arcitecta debuts rapid petabyte recovery

Arcitecta's new Mediaflux Point in Time enables customers to quickly recover and restore after a ransomware attack, even if they are dealing with petabytes of data.

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