TechTarget News - Week of May 07, 2023

20-year evolution of Everbridge critical event management

Everbridge critical event management has reached Ukraine and work-from-anywhere users. CEO David Wagner explains how he's guided the company through difficult times.

How lab grown neurons could power the future of AI

Melbourne-based Cortical Labs’ lab grown neurons could speed up AI training in a more energy efficient way and its work has caught the eye of hyperscalers and Amazon’s CTO

Intel BootGuard private keys leaked following MSI hack

Intel said it was "actively investigating" reports that OEM BootGuard keys were stolen and leaked by ransomware actors following a breach at motherboard maker MSI

As H-1B visa registrations near 1M, odds of a visa decline

The new H-1B electronic registration system is seeing explosive demand that significantly reduces the chances of winning a visa in the lottery. It might also be expanding fraud.

Tableau to add generative AI with Salesforce's Einstein GPT

The BI vendor unveiled plans to combine its existing capabilities with its parent company's generative AI tool to make it more simple for customers to query an analyze data.

UKtech50 2023: The longlist of the UK’s influential tech leaders

Each year, Computer Weekly launches a search for the most influential people in UK IT, asking the tech community who it thinks should be in the top 50 – here is the longlist of everyone nominated for 2023

Reliable connectivity key to smooth business running for UK SMEs

Study from Sky Business shows that in today’s uncertain economic climate, UK SMEs are under pressure to cut costs while maintaining quality services, with the impact of energy prices cited as a major concern

IT Priorities 2023: security dominates IoT investment plans 

With increased devices and sensors collecting data, there is more rich information for businesses to use as analysis and in training – but security still tops wallet share, says report

SAS to invest second $1B in advanced analytics and AI

After investing $1 billion to overhaul its Viya analytics platform and develop industry-specific systems, the vendor is advancing its commitment to AI.

ThoughtSpot unveils new tool that integrates OpenAI's LLM

The analytics vendor unveiled a variety of new capabilities, including Sage, which integrates OpenAI's generative AI technology to improve natural language search.

Coveo brings AI to SAP Commerce Cloud search

The Coveo Search and Recommendations platform can now be integrated into SAP Commerce Cloud, echoing a trend in e-commerce and bolstering the enterprise vendor's embrace of AI.

Storage's role in generative AI

Generative AI continues to create industry buzz. Experts say storage plays a critical role in making the technology run.

IBM launches Watsonx, a new generative AI platform

The longtime tech giant is focusing on providing a hybrid cloud environment and a generative AI strategy that centers on enterprise, data and governance aspects of the technology.

LinkedIn layoffs a response to slower revenue growth

LinkedIn is cutting 716 jobs, including management roles, and making organizational changes to speed up decisions. Despite LinkedIn’s layoffs, the tech industry is hiring.

How datacentre operators can fend off cyber attacks

Applying zero-trust principles in the form of strong authentication controls and network segmentation can help datacentre operators to mitigate cyber threats

Nebulon aims Tripline at ransomware detection in storage

Tripline claims ransomware detection from samples every 30 seconds and works in conjunction with snapshots to deliver recovery from an attack in four minutes

MPLS and SD-WAN fail to meet needs of modern enterprise

Study from network architect argues modern uses cases have broken the network edge, with both traditional topology and much-touted software-defined replacement not cutting it

Black Basta ransomware attack to cost Capita over £15m

Exceptional costs arising from the March 2023 Black Basta ransomware attack on the systems of outsourcer Capita will be somewhere between £15m and £20m, the organisation says

UK full-fibre furthers pace of roll-out in first quarter of 2023

Quarterly assessment of UK fixed broadband industry shows full-fibre rolls across UK at a fast clip over the first three months of 2023, but local authorities in remote and rural areas still lack access to gigabit

Zendesk out with generative AI-supported tools for better CX

In partnership with ChatGPT creator OpenAI, the customer service vendor introduces smart CX tools such as sentiment analysis for faster workflows and bots for contextual replies.

Cloud repatriation vs. multi-cloud: IT seeks cost relief

Amid fiscal worries, IT orgs reassess cloud investments. Whether they go back on-premises or expand to multi-cloud, they face similar distributed computing management challenges.

Google teases generative AI expansion within its own cloud

Google's new generative AI features, including a coding assistant, were tied closely to GCP in preview demos this week, while industry experts said its LLM still lags rivals.

Telia taps Ericsson to switch on private 5G network

Ericsson and Telia launch the Baltic region’s first enterprise 5G private network in Estonia to enable smart factory transformation

Hammerspace acquires Rozo Systems for storage tech

French software-defined storage vendor Rozo Systems becomes a new feature and performance benchmark for Hammerspace data management capabilities later this calendar year.

Google Cloud and SAP in enterprise open data push

Long-time technology collaborators Google Cloud and SAP are embarking on a push to make it easier for enterprises to derive value from their data and put it to use in artificial intelligence and machine learning settings

Google AI targets programmer productivity

Google is opening up more capabilities in its generative AI model, with tools for peer programming and automatic code generation

Webex and Google drive improved collaboration capabilities

Collaboration arm of networking giant reveals enhanced relationship with IT behemoth centred on creating faster synergy offering seamless way to connect through meetings and messaging and to improve automotive meeting experiences

Google adds Adobe's image generator, Firefly, to Bard

The AI-backed chatbot will have artmaking abilities with Firefly, an image generator that was trained on hundreds of stock images to avoid copyright infringement.

Google's upgrade of AI chatbot Bard could change search

The tech giant added new features and opened Bard to 180 countries and territories. While its new chatbot seems like an experiment, it may herald the next search experience.

Dell PowerStore zeros in on security, energy efficiency

Dell has added a handful of security features and integrations to PowerStore through an OS update, while obtaining Energy Star certification for two of its PowerStore models.

FTC examines competition in cloud computing

The Federal Trade Commission is examining the impact of a handful of big tech companies such as Amazon, Microsoft and Google providing a large portion of cloud services.

AI, cloud and networks set to take SAP Sapphire stage

SAP Sapphire 2023 will be dominated by news about generative AI, but SAP needs to clarify information around S/4HANA Cloud and prove its products help customers solve problems.

How Splunk is driving security automation

Splunk’s head of security in APAC talks up the company’s efforts to ease the workloads of security analysts amid lower adoption of security automation and analytics in the region

Customers will continue to rely on channel talent

Outsourcing study indicates that investment in external support will increase in many cases as users struggle to find skilled staff

MEPs vote in raft of amendments to EU AI Act

The proposed amendments to the EU’s AI Act have garnered a mixed reception from both industry and civil society, with the former seeing it as too stringent and the latter as not stringent enough in many areas, despite positive progress in others

Experts question San Bernardino's $1.1M ransom payment

While no public safety services were compromised in the ransomware attack on San Bernardino County's Sheriff's Department, the government opted to $1.1 million to threat actors.

Bl00dy ransomware gang targets schools via PaperCut flaw

The Bl00dy ransomware gang is targeting schools via a critical remote code execution flaw present in unpatched instances of PaperCut MF and NG print management software.

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