TechTarget News - Week of Sep 10, 2023

How Culture Amp is tapping generative AI

Australia’s Culture Amp is building a generative AI capability that summarises employee survey responses, automating a process that typically takes HR admins up to hundreds of hours to complete

UK boardrooms and CISOs increasingly aligned on cyber risks

Board members and CISOs in UK organisations seem to be working together much better, but while this is an encouraging sign, there remain some areas of concern over how the two relate to each other

Networking tech firms scrum down for Rugby World Cup

Leading communications providers look to form off-pitch connectivity spine of team with infrastructures using advanced networking and mixed reality technologies at pinnacle of world rugby

Huawei launches OceanStor Pacific 9920 entry-level NAS

Huawei adds to its OceanStor Pacific NAS family, offering entry-level 9920 with up to 92TB per node which can be combined into clusters and also used as a SAN device

SCC sets course on defining DSSP evolution

The recent acquisition of Nimble was part of a larger ambition to put the business in a position to meet changing customer needs

Brits happy to break cyber law if the price is right

A study conducted ahead of an upcoming security trade fair reveals a slim majority of Brits would come out in favour of offensive government security ops and even engage in cyber criminality themselves in the right circumstances

2024 election to shape U.S. climate policy's fate

GOP candidates like Vivek Ramaswamy and Donald Trump have taken stances against climate change, while others like Nikki Haley support certain measures to address climate issues.

Cisco VPN flaw faces attempted Akira ransomware attacks

Cisco said it became aware of 'attempted exploitation' last month and referenced an Aug. 24 security advisory saying its VPNs were under attack by the Akira ransomware gang.

IT spending in Australia to grow 7.8% in 2024

The growth will be led by investments in cyber security, cloud, analytics and application modernisation as Australian CIOs look to improve cost and operational efficiencies

Samsung, Qualcomm claim 5G breakthrough

Mobile platform giant and leading comms tech provider reveal they have successfully delivered a technological innovation for 5G network speed, performance and flexibility

Salesforce unveils Einstein 1 to embed AI in every app

The CRM vendor unveils a suite of new capabilities for its revamped AI platform, including a genAI Copilot in every app, and a way to customize the Copilot's functions.

Einstein 1 Data Cloud fuels Salesforce's AI, analytics

The CRM giant's new metadata management layer is capable of processing more data than previous versions to better enable customers' artificial intelligence and analytics needs.

Staige: A new Qlik portfolio for traditional AI, genAI and ML

The analytics and data integration vendor's new suite combines AI and ML capabilities with generative AI to provide a secure and governed environment for development and analysis.

Quarter of UK premises still lack gigabit broadband

Latest regular update on fixed broadband availability in the UK finds growth is sluggish and not yet consistent across all regions, despite recent flurry of activity among suppliers at all ends of the spectrum

Oxford’s Mini iFactory runs on S/4Hana

The factory, which is part of BMW Group’s digitised automotive production blueprint, iFactory, uses S/4Hana and SAP supply chain software

Openreach publishes latest full-fibre build plans

Voice and broadband divisions of incumbent telco see expansion across the UK, heralding a full-fibre, full-digital communications future

Cisco Full-Stack Observability draws on channel clout

Cisco's latest tie-in between app security and observability doesn't break new ground, but the vendor can use its network security cachet and partners to woo enterprise buyers.

Ctera Vault locks up critical data with WORM tech

File gateway vendors are looking to differentiate themselves in the market, with Ctera eyeing regulated industries by protecting data with a suite of cybersecurity features.

How different industries apply generative AI

Large language models such as ChatGPT, Bard and Llama have changed how enterprises think about technology. While some can use new AI tools now, others face challenges.

How DocuSign is extending its capabilities beyond e-signatures

DocuSign is harnessing large language models to help individuals make sense of agreements and employing AI-based biometrics to verify the identity of signers, as part of its broader efforts to expand its capabilities beyond electronic signatures

ExtraHop open sources 16 million rows of threat domain data

NDR specialist ExtraHop says making its entire machine learning dataset available for anybody to view will help organisations better defend against cyber attacks originating from malicious domains generated by algorithms

Wi-Fi 7 to play fundamental role in transforming work

Study from wireless technology trade association shows latest version of Wi-Fi standard will enable enterprise, Industry 4.0, medical, smart city and other applications that are impractical or impossible with wired and other wireless technologies

NCSC and ICO sign MoU to forge deeper collaborative links

The scope of the MoU signed by the NCSC and the ICO includes collaboration on new cyber regulations and guidance, and how to support cyber attack victims appropriately and minimise regulatory penalties

Storm-0324 gathers over Microsoft Teams

An initial access broker associated with several different ransomware operations is now conducting Microsoft Teams phishing attacks

AV pandemic decisions coming under scrutiny

An increasing number of customers are revaluating the technology decisions they made at the height of the coronavirus to make hybrid working possible

BianLian ransomware gang holds Save the Children hostage

The dangerous and prolific BianLian ransomware gang claims to have stolen almost 7TB of data from NGO Save the Children, but thankfully the charity’s vital work on the ground appears to be unaffected

Pegasystems releases new GenAI tools for Pega Infinity '23

The vendor is out with new GenAI features for Pega Infinity '23. It also renews its business process management focus and makes other updates generally available.

Altnet trade body slams regulator for spiking UK broadband prices

Association of UK independent broadband providers criticises national comms regulator’s “failure” to recognise cost to consumers of lack of market competition and contribution of altnets in market

SES, Starlink claim cruise industry’s first integrated MEO-LEO service

Satellite provider cashes in on strong momentum of the maritime connectivity business, particularly in the cruise segment, claiming first end-to-end connectivity service delivering bandwidth capacity of up to 3 Gbps per ship

Browser companies patch critical zero-day vulnerability

While attack details remain unknown, Chrome, Edge and Firefox users are being urged to update their browsers as an exploit for CVE-2023-4863 lurks in the wild.

Denodo secures $336M equity investment to fuel growth

The data virtualization specialist plans to use the funds to drive expansion, including R&D efforts for generative AI and data governance as well as geographic growth.

The fear surrounding generative AI

The language surrounding generative technology can lead to anxiety and a bad reception among employees to LLMs and tools such as ChatGPT, Dall-E and Bard.

Liquid opens tap on Kenya and Ethiopia fibre link

Cassava Technologies subsidiary announces two new cross-border fibre routes designed to allow for greater efficiency and reliable regional connectivity, both key to the economic development of key territories

Government appoints Dave Smith as UK national tech adviser

The former Rolls-Royce technology director will take over the role of UK national technology adviser, following government recruitment campaign for the role in the wake of former tech adviser Patrick Vallance’s departure

Singapore firefighters don smartglasses for equipment inspections

Firefighters from the Singapore Civil Defence Force will employ smartglasses equipped with computer vision and 5G capabilities to perform visual inspections of their equipment

Data on over 3,000 Airbus suppliers leaked after breach

An emergent threat actor has leaked details of multiple sensitive Airbus suppliers after claiming to have accessed the firm’s systems having hacked customer Turkish Airlines

Dremio launches updated SQL query acceleration capabilities

The data lakehouse specialist's new version of its SQL query acceleration tool, Reflections, includes automated recommendations and automatic data refresh capabilities.

A venture capitalist's take on generative AI investment

Funding for startups such as Anthropic, Cohere and Hugging Face shows that money is still flowing into the market. However, the criteria for funding are still strict.

Cloud pricing hits new mark amid multiple drivers

Cloud costs continue to rise, according to the U.S. government's latest pricing data. Wages, energy demands, emerging tech and consumption patterns contribute to the trend.

Cash injection of £88m announced for UK 5G mobile network R&D

Latest part of UK government plan to boost mobile services sees funding awarded to 19 projects through the Open Networks Ecosystem (ONE) competition designed to demonstrate the feasibility and reliability of open 5G connectivity

Las Vegas mainstay Caesars Palace likely paid off ransomware crew

Caesars Entertainment, owner of the lavish Roman Empire-themed Caesars Palace casino in Las Vegas, has revealed it also suffered a ransomware attack, and appears to have paid off its hackers

How India is driving tech developments at G20

India’s G20 presidency marks an important stride towards establishing a global regulatory framework for the crypto industry, among other tech developments discussed at the global forum in New Delhi this year

Few organisations have a clear strategy for AI

Few organisations are confident with the main concepts involved in developing AI-enabled business models

DOJ faces hurdles in antitrust battle with Google

The Dept. of Justice will need to overcome several hurdles to prove Google's alleged anticompetitive conduct in the online search market.

Microsoft to offer Oracle cloud database on Azure

Oracle and Microsoft have trumpeted an expansion of their joint activity with the launch of Oracle Database@Azure. Microsoft will be the only other hyperscaler to offer OCI services

Employers cutting remote, hybrid work from tech job ads

Employers are being less upfront in job ads about the possibility of remote and hybrid work. The percentage of tech job ads that mention it has declined from a peak last summer.

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