TechTarget Launches Deal ScoreCard, a Quarterly Research Report to Help B2B Technology Executives Make Go-To-Market Investments Confidently

Reports Highlight Buyer-Generated Insights on Vendor Consideration, Project Factors, Deal Pricing and Win/Loss in 20 Enterprise Technology Markets

TechTarget, Inc. (Nasdaq: TTGT), the global leader in B2B technology purchase intent data and services, today announced the release of Deal ScoreCard™, a new quarterly subscription report service from TechTarget Research. Deal ScoreCard reports provide in-depth insight on vendor consideration; product feature, initiative and workload importance; vendor pricing and deal terms practices; and competitive win/loss in 20 technology product market segments across the Data Center, Cloud, Storage and End-User Computing spaces. These new reports help B2B enterprise technology executives make confident, go-to-market decisions that will drive better outcomes for their organization.

“There is no shortage of hunches, feelings and ’history’ when it comes to making go-to-market decisions and investments at B2B tech companies,” said Michael Cotoia, CEO, TechTarget. “Technology leaders have long come to TechTarget for guidance and insight based on our data. With Deal ScoreCard, we are providing a critical mass of our market-specific data into a single quarterly report.”

Deal ScoreCard delivers confidence because it leverages proprietary buyer-generated data across 4 distinct categories:

  • Pre- and Post-Purchase data – TechTarget interviews enterprise IT buyers on their needs and perceptions of vendors in the market at the 2 most important buying moments – looking ahead at a confirmed, budgeted project, and reflecting on a completed purchase.
  • Web interest data – TechTarget monitors directly observed online buyer behavior across our industry-leading portfolio of 140 enterprise technology-specific websites and 10,000+ topics to show Deal ScoreCard subscribers the relative importance of market sub-topics, the most popular articles in that quarter and how interests in those topics are trending.
  • Buyer narratives – Beyond quantitative data, TechTarget delivers verbatim insight drawn directly from extensive buyer interviews that give color to quantitative insights.

Data from Deal ScoreCard helps enterprise technology executives make better, more confident decisions. With these new reports, leadership gets an independent overview of the market to help guide a range of important investments:

  • Product management broadens its perspective on buyer preferences beyond deals their company has been involved in. They see the ranked importance of different pain points, initiatives and features in buyers’ minds (before and after purchase), and their product’s (and competitors) relative strengths in all of these areas.
  • Sales leadership gets an independent view of the foundational questions of “how often am I in?” and “how often do I win?” They can compare their companies to market leaders and challengers, understand the concessions their competitors are offering in deal cycles, and get quarterly updates on the data directly relevant to decisions about training, demo construction, and pitch construction.
  • Content marketers can see what topics are most important, fastest growing and/or their company is relatively strong or weak in to inform positioning, message development and content.
  • Competitive Intelligence (CI) teams get a more independent, detailed, and regular view of market dynamics than available in custom efforts. First, TechTarget goes wider by gathering pre-purchase shortlist insights. Deal ScoreCard also provides more independent insights by gathering win/loss data from buyers that are not biased by inclusion in a single vendor’s pipeline. Finally, the reports include a higher volume of pre- and post-purchase deals to highlight buyers’ perceptions of vendors’ technologies strengths and weaknesses on features, project fit and workload suitability.

Deal ScoreCard is available for the following enterprise technology markets:

  • Storage – All Flash Array, Hybrid Arrays, NAS, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection (Backup Hardware and Software)
  • Data Center – Hyper Converged Infrastructure, Converged Infrastructure, Blade Servers, Rack/Tower Servers, Virtualization Platforms, Virtual Systems Management, Colocation
  • Cloud – IAAS, Cloud Primary Storage, Cloud Backup Storage, Hybrid Cloud, Desktop-As-A-Service (DAAS)
  • End-User Computing – Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Enterprise Mobility Management

For more information on how your organization can subscribe to TechTarget’s Deal ScoreCard, contact Brian McGovern, VP TechTarget Research at [email protected].

About TechTarget

TechTarget (Nasdaq: TTGT) is the global leader in purchase intent-driven marketing and sales services that deliver business impact for enterprise technology companies. By creating abundant, high-quality editorial content across more than 140 highly targeted technology-specific websites, TechTarget attracts and nurtures communities of technology buyers researching their companies’ information technology needs. By understanding these buyers’ content consumption behaviors, TechTarget creates the purchase intent insights that fuel efficient and effective marketing and sales activities for clients around the world.

TechTarget has offices in Boston, London, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney. For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @TechTarget.

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