TechTarget Launches IT Deal Alert™ Priority Engine and Deal Data to Deliver Next Generation IT Project Intelligence for Sales and Marketing Teams

Two New Services Allow Sales, Marketing, and Data Scientists to Identify New Prospects, Prioritize Accounts and Provide Real-Time Intelligence

Leading technology media company TechTarget, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTGT) today announced IT Deal Alert Priority Engine™ for Inside Sales and Marketing and Deal Data™ for Data Scientists, two new project intelligence services to help sales, marketing, and data science teams to identify new prospects, prioritize accounts and provide more intelligence in real-time. Both services are powered by Deal Data, TechTarget’s proprietary IT purchase intent data derived from the real-time research activity and buying signals generated by millions of buyers across our network every day.

“With over 175 customers and $16 million in 2014 forecasted revenue, we have had a tremendous amount of success in our first full year of selling IT Deal Alert solutions. Over the course of the year, we have learned that different functions have different use cases for our real-time deal data,” said Greg Strakosch, Co-Founder, CEO, and Chairman, TechTarget. “These two new services allow us to deliver role-based solutions to help our clients maximize the value they get from this data,” continued Strakosch.

Deal Data and Priority Engine complement the existing Qualified Sales Opportunities offering and together replace TechTarget’s Account Watch service within the IT Deal Alert suite. This innovative set of enablement solutions addresses the distinct role-based needs of sales, marketing, and data science teams by providing real-time insight and in-depth data about IT buying teams worldwide:

  • Deal Data for Data Scientists (available worldwide): A direct upload of all TechTarget’s raw purchase intent data, customizable to any workflow for richer intelligence and better insight to predict future buying behavior. Deal Data augments existing marketing and data services such as record enhancement, nurturing activities, lead scoring, and predictive modeling.
  • Priority Engine for Inside Sales and Marketers (available in North America): A subscription data service that harnesses the power of Deal Data to make it easier for Inside Sales and Marketing teams to: identify and prioritize new and existing accounts within; get deeper insight into buyer activity; and better integrate project intelligence into their daily workflow. It allows subscribers to gain access to thousands of verified accounts and prospects in over 80 technology market segments.


Priority Engine helps Inside Sales teams specifically prioritize call lists, outlining who to contact in their own database, who to contact from the TechTarget database, and who to contact from 3rd party data. It also makes it easy for marketers to use the Deal Data integrated within to plan and deliver more successful outbound marketing campaigns.

IT Deal Alert services are bolstered by TechTarget’s ability to deliver the right content and relevant activity to reveal specific IT projects in over 80 micro-targeted technology segments. TechTarget analyzes activity from over 100,000 companies across its 120+ sites and 5,000 targeted topics to provide a vast amount of project intelligence to its customer base.

Availability and Pricing

Priority Engine will be available in North America in Q1 2015 and will be available in other global regions later in 2015. Pricing for IT Deal Alert Priority Engine will be $90,000 annually or $30,000 quarterly per technology segment. To learn more or schedule a demo, visit



TechTarget (NASDAQ: TTGT) is the Web’s leading destination for serious technology buyers researching and making enterprise technology decisions. Our extensive global network of online and social media, powered by TechTarget’s Activity Intelligence™ platform, allows technology sales and marketing teams to leverage real-time purchase intent data to more intelligently engage technology buyers and prioritize follow-up based on active projects, technical priorities and business needs. With more than 120 highly targeted technology-specific websites and a wide selection of custom advertising, branding, lead generation and sales enablement solutions, TechTarget delivers unparalleled reach and innovative opportunities to drive technology sales and marketing success around the world.

TechTarget has offices in Atlanta, Beijing, Boston, London, Munich, Paris, San Francisco, Singapore and Sydney.

To learn how you can engage with serious technology buyers worldwide, visit and follow us@TechTarget.

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