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Utilize our purchase intent insight to reach the tech buyers with recent, expressed, relevant interest.

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spoke_data_driven-01Through our Spoke™ network, you can design customized audience segments around specific interest profiles, competitive activity and even your own lists. In addition to these high-impact banner placements, many clients choose to take advantage of:

  • Programmatic banner placement across our network via leading Demand Side Platforms (DSPs), ad exchanges and agency trading desks
  • Multi-strategy approaches pairing data-fueled brand targeting with demand generation actions on a foundation of purchase intent services
  • Comprehensive integrated programs like TargetROI™ and InstantABM™ that make use of data-driven banners and complementary actions to fulfill specific strategic objectives

Our Spoke network enables tech marketers to direct their influence strategies directly to known IT buyers. Targeting and delivery combines your needs with our deep insight into your audience’s research activity and the behaviors we recognize as purchase intent. When we do this together, more prospects will seriously consider you.

Armed with better insight, you gain the confidence to market more intelligently.


SPOKE™ for data-driven marketers

Leverage TechTarget’s behavioral data to intelligently target IT buyers and accounts as they research solutions in your market.

TechTarget’s SPOKE network allows you to maximize efficiencies with pinpoint targeting and transparent insight on buyers and accounts you are reaching and influencing. Download this product guide to find out more.
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