Sparking ABM with the Right Data and Insights

Since the term account-based marketing (ABM) was first coined over 20 years ago, its popularity in helping B2B organizations grow revenue from a finite list of target accounts has grown exponentially.

And as more businesses have made ABM a priority, the buying and selling ecosystem has changed dramatically, too. As a result, these changes have put more pressure on ABM programs to perform and teams are having to find new tactics to drive better results.

To help shed some light on where and how to evolve your ABM programs for better success, we surveyed our top customers in EMEA about what’s working and not working with their own ABM programs. In this e-book, we’ll share some of what we heard to better understand the state of ABM today and how, by using intent data as a central source of information, B2B organizations can better align teams and improve ABM performance overall.

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