Sailing Through Changes: Three Trends Shaping Partner Marketing in 2024

Bhawna Sharma

Partner Marketing and Developer Marketing, PayPal

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In the exciting world of marketing, keeping up with the latest trends is a must for success. Partner marketing, in particular, is going through some cool transformations, thanks to tech upgrades, changing partner and end-customer behaviors, and a big focus on influencer collaboration. I’d like to share three exciting trends that are making waves in our partner marketing world this year. If you’re a partner marketer, riding these trends not only keeps you in the game but also boosts your career and helps rake in revenue through partner marketing.

1. Smart tech and AI takes the wheel

Imagine a world where smart technology helps us team up with partners strategically. AI and automation are changing the game. Smart algorithms now pinpoint the best partners by considering things like industry alignment and past performance. Automation keeps partner campaigns and co-marketing initiatives running smoothly by making real-time adjustments for better results and higher return on investment. AI-driven chatbots also provide quick support, making the partner experience robust.

2. Creating experiences, not just sales

Today’s professionals care more about experiences than just purchasing technology. That’s changing how we do partner marketing. Successful programs focus on creating experiences with and through partners, giving the end customers something special through joint events, exclusive opportunities and personalized content. Personalization is key – tailoring end-customer journeys for relevance and engagement even after they’ve made a purchase. 

3. Influencers: Not just a trend, but the mainstream

Influencer partnerships are no longer just a trend – they’re mainstream. Companies aren’t just teaming up with big influencers but also with smaller, more authentic ones who reach specific B2B audiences on platforms such as LinkedIn and YouTube. Being present on these social media platforms is a must, and influencer marketing is winning as a key partner marketing strategy because it helps you tell a cohesive partner story and reinforce your messaging with peer-to-peer validation.

As partner marketing pros, embracing these trends helps us stay on top in this ever-changing landscape. Whether it’s using AI to work smarter, putting experiences before transactions or teaming up with influencers, success awaits those of us who navigate these trends wisely.

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