Jitterbit enterprise integration platform gets updates

Jitterbit has released Harmony Spring '19, the newest version of its enterprise integration platform as a service. The update includes more than 120 new features.

Jitterbit has released Harmony Spring '19 -- the latest iteration of its enterprise integration platform as a service.

The spring release has more than 120 new features, including a new Cloud Studio, a no-code connector builder, a connector SDK, expanded connectivity and more. The goal of the update, according to Jitterbit, is to improve customer experience.

  • The new Cloud Studio is a fully cloud-based designer that allows users to create, view and manage integration projects. All connectors built by users or by Jitterbit will show up in the connector palette.
  • The no-code connector allows users to create connectors in four steps. Users can build their own connectors for any REST-based API within minutes, and they can be reused across environments and organizations without needing a developer.
  • The connector SDK is for users who prefer the traditional coding options when building connectors. Jitterbit has also added a portal for developers that includes full documentation for the connector SDK and code samples.
  • According to Jitterbit, it has built 13 new connectors for Cloud Studio over the past 60 days, including ServiceNow, NetSuite, GitHub, Shopify, Jira, Slack, Box and Amazon S3, with more connectors planned for release each month.

Other changes listed by Jitterbit include support for a Jitterbit Linux OS private agent that is packed in a docker container, a Harmony login page that prepopulates the organization previously selected, improved private agents that can run a scheduled operation within an agent group containing more than one agent and a hamburger menu that allows easy access to all pages by using sub-menus.

Jitterbit also added a private API gateway to handle incoming HTTP requests and route them to the appropriate Jitterbit operations, create, update, delete and clone proxy APIs and increased the number of logs available in the API Logs page to the 50 most recent.

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