Data literacy aids democratization of data

In this excerpt from 'Be Data Literate,' author Jordan Morrow discusses how 'hyped' area of analytics such as BI and embedded analytics contribute to the democratization of data.

Unlocking data for use across an organization is the next step in enterprises' efforts to maximize their investment in data and business intelligence architecture.

In Be Data Literate, author Jordan Morrow discusses why democratization of data -- organizations rolling out data across the whole enterprise -- is key to unlocking and expanding business intelligence use in organizations.

"Business intelligence allows us to gather data, simplify it, combine it and utilize it in a tool such as a data visualization tool, utilized for analysis," Morrow writes in Be Data Literate. "Business intelligence helps us to utilize the empowerment of democratizing data to the masses."

Organizations have been tackling a variety of challenges in expanding BI use to all employees, with analysts viewing the next step forward being the expansion of AI and automated analytics.

Below is an excerpt from Chapter 10, "Data literacy and data and analytical strategy," in which Morrow examines a variety of key concepts in the "hyped" areas of analytics, including BI, AI, embedded analytics, machine learning and more.

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