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ThoughtSpot aims to enhance cloud-based analytics searches

The recently launched ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS enables access to AI-driven analytics in Amazon Redshift, without requiring users to move or cache data.

As remote employees continue to work from home during the COVID-19 pandemic, they have faced the challenge of managing and searching through cloud-based analytics. ThoughtSpot recently announced the launch of ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS, a service that enables searches directly in Amazon Redshift, without requiring data be moved or cached prior to the search.

"With Embrace, what it allows us to do is take advantage of significant data that's moving into AWS, and other cloud providers," said Seann Gardiner, senior vice president of business development at ThoughtSpot. "This announcement is really around AWS today -- about 58% of our customers are deploying ThoughtSpot in AWS. In addition, AWS is quickly becoming the new data lake, so people are making wholesale movement of data into [Amazon] S3."

ThoughtSpot Embrace for AWS helps users sift through data volumes with search tools and AI-driven analytics. Users can choose from a variety of instances to help perform on large data sets.

Doug Henschen, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research Inc., said ThoughtSpot's announcement aligns it with competitors that have already adopted cloud-based analytics.

"If companies weren't cloud-first before, they sure are now," Henschen said. "They're trying to get things up, up and running quickly, and they found the cloud gives them flexibility and the ability to get things launched and rolling very quickly. So this cloud-based offering is just a thing for the times."

Henschen said ThoughtSpot's AI analytics offerings and capabilities are accessible to not just data analysts, but also business teams, data engineers and those in IT operations.

"ThoughtSpot has done a good job of presenting analytics tool that's very accessible to business users, not just data analysts," Henschen said. "They're very good at natural language query and this is a way to have [Embrace] put on top of the data that they would already have, on Amazon running in Redshift."

ThoughtSpot Embrace has also gotten the Amazon Redshift Ready designation, which is part of the AWS Service Ready Program. This allows customers to be able to identify products integrated with AWS services and spend less of their time evaluating tools.

AWS' pricing models include a pay-as-you-go model that can either be per hour or per second. There is also a free tier for users who might not be able to afford the costs of AWS.

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