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Proposed FCC net neutrality rules incite outcry; Target CEO resigns

In this week’s Searchlight: More fuel has been added to the net neutrality fire.

Despite a call for delay from a Federal Communications Commissioner and vocal dissent from the public, FCC chairman Tom Wheeler plans to bring his proposed Open Internet guidelines before the commission at its May 15 meeting.

Wheeler’s proposal, which outlines net neutrality rules that would allow companies to pay for high-speed access to their Internet content, has kindled the decades-long net neutrality debate. In response, many individuals, interest groups and companies — including Internet giants Amazon, Google and Facebook — are voicing dissent against paid access that would allow ISPs to prefer some companies’ content over others.

As guest contributor and Wellesley College CIO Ravi Ravishanker notes in a recent CIO Matters column, questions already abound around whether a net neutrality revision will go through, including the effect such a ruling would have on startups with less money in the bank. We’ll see if the FCC decides to take the matter to the public in Thursday’s meeting.

In other news, Target CEO and chairman Gregg Steinhafel resigned only a week after the company hired a new CIO in the wake of last year’s headline-making data breach. One major takeaway from this C-level revamp: CEOs have little choice but to shoulder a fair share of responsibility in the business’ IT security strategy.

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