Editor's note

Hybrid cloud, hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI), software-defined networking (SDN), server virtualization -- there are numerous rapidly evolving strategies and technologies designed to help tech executives make IT infrastructure more cohesive.

When implemented correctly, a more cohesive IT infrastructure can reap big benefits for the IT department and beyond. The updates can improve IT administrators' control over the network, as well as improve its speed, reliability and even security -- all invaluable traits for modern companies that continue to navigate their digital transformation journey. To implement these strategies and business tech successfully, however, usually requires a new look at IT infrastructure strategy. Executives must be prepared for big changes to IT department structure and processes, and to answer the numerous questions that will come with this type of digital transformation.

To help answer these questions, explore this SearchCIO essential guide that lists TechTarget's latest news coverage and expert advice about implementing a transformative, cohesive IT infrastructure strategy. The advice will go a long way toward making your IT infrastructure reboot a successful -- and profitable -- digital transformation project.

1Adapting IT for hyper-converged storage

Proponents of hyper-converged technologies tout its benefits such as providing IT administrators greater control over storage provisioning in virtual server environments and single pane-of-glass management capabilities. In this section, learn how hyper converged storage and infrastructure are contributing to modern organization's digital transformation.

2Prepping IT for network virtualization

When done correctly, virtualization can help optimize network speed, reliability, flexibility, scalability and security. In this section, learn about the best practices to make sure your IT department is ready for a network virtualization project.

3Cloud management in the hybrid IT environment

A hybrid cloud environment has become typical at the modern, digitized enterprise. That doesn't make a hybrid cloud strategy any easier to implement -- wide-ranging questions about budgeting, infrastructure and responsibilities must be answered first. In this section, learn strategies to make sure your IT infrastructure strategy resources are ready to make the most of hybrid cloud.