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Quiz: The latest software-defined data center industry trends

To join those who want everything delivered as a service, you have to be up on the latest software-defined data center trends. Take this brief quiz and gauge your knowledge.

One thing we know for sure about cloud computing and virtualization is that the pace of change seems only to get faster. One major contributor to this change in IT strategy is software-defined data center industry trends that continue to push the envelope.

In a software-defined data center (SDDC), all the elements that together form an infrastructure, including networking, storage, compute resources and security, are virtualized and delivered as a service. Abstracted from hardware, deployment, provisioning, configuration and operations are all implemented through software.

Take this brief quiz to see if your company is in line with the thinking of 500 corporate and IT executives surveyed in 2016 by HyTrust, a Mountain View, Calif., provider of security and compliance trust services for enterprises, cloud service providers and government agencies.

Without question, current software-defined data center industry trends are revving up adoption rates. A recent study from Markets and Markets forecasts the segment to grow globally from $25.61 billion in 2016 to $83.21 billion by 2021, a compound annual growth rate of 26.57%.

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