Seal contract analytics software brings new UI, AI features

Seal Software launched version 7 of its contract analytics software, dubbed Seal 7, touted to provide a more seamless user experience, scalability and extensibility.

Seal Software has released the latest version of its AI-based contract analytics platform, Seal 7. Version 7 of the Seal contract analytics software provides a simplified user interface and more AI capabilities, according to the vendor.

Designed for enterprises, Seal 7 aims to simplify the contract analytics process so that business, legal and technical users alike can understand and manage risks, obligations and opportunities within their contracts. Updates to Seal's contract analytics software include an updated search and review interface and a slew of technological upgrades.

Seal 7's AI-powered search feature utilizes machine learning and natural language processing in two mental models -- "Click-n-go" with guided search and an advanced user model -- so all users, from consumer-level workers to high-level professionals, can access contractual data without formal contract information requests.

By cutting out the middleman -- often teams of attorneys -- and inevitable waiting periods for a response, this upgrade will reduce costs of operation and save time, according to the vendor.

The new UI also enables users to save searches, view recent activity, customize search fields and filters, customize overall layout and review documents in two viewing modes.

Additional updates to the Seal contract analytics software include the following features:

  • Scalability with elastic IT scaling, support for Docker containers and Docker Swarm Clustering and multi-instance support;
  • Extensibility with deployment of Seal Logic Engine and Seal Integration Engine in addition to the core platform;
  • Cloud-based support for rapid deployment of virtualized Seal platform tenants;
  • Improved use of CPU/memory; and
  • New Discovery Rules and machine learning Sentence Rules.

Also new with Seal 7 is the Seal Marketplace, which enables end users to download and deploy Seal Accelerators to jump-start analysis. Seal intends this feature to facilitate the awareness of accelerators and future offerings from Seal and its partners. Users can access Seal Marketplace directly from within the Seal platform.

The launch of Seal 7 follows other notable milestones for the vendor; in March, Seal Software received a $15 million investment from DocuSign, and, in 2018, it was noted as one of Gartner's Cool Vendors in Content Services. Seal Software version 7 is available now.

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