Investis Digital Connect.ID, a CMS suite, launched

Connect.ID is composed of Connect.ID Platform and Connect.ID Intelligence. It is designed to enable enterprises to build business websites more efficiently.

Investis Digital has launched Connect.ID, a suite of products designed to provide enterprise-grade business websites. The suite includes web development, content management and analytics products for the deployment and reporting of content across websites, mobile applications, landing pages and social networks.

Investis said it built the suite using an atomized design framework that relies on the reuse of common design elements and components, with the goal being that companies can develop and launch websites more efficiently with reduced costs and faster setup.

The Connect.ID suite has two components: Connect.ID Platform and Connect.ID Intelligence.

The Connect.ID Platform enables enterprises to create scalable digital channels through atomized components. Inventis claims this reduces deployment timescales but doesn't compromise design, engineering or security.

Platform has a library of prebuilt components for enterprises to use, as well as a full-service management system available 24/7/365. The management system includes a digital communications manager who is responsible for running the day to day of digital channels while working with internal teams to meet deadlines and provide website updates.

Connect.ID Intelligence is a unified cloud-based product that enables enterprises to manage digital communications across channels and devices using a hybrid content management system. According to Inventis, this gives enterprises enhanced visibility while making decisions based on integrated analytics and built-in insight data.

Intelligence is built on Drupal and uses search engine optimization tools and a distribution and alerts engine for sharing content. With Intelligence, users can write, edit and publish new pages, articles, blogs, videos and more through in-house content, agency partners' content or through the Connect.ID communications manager.

The suite was designed to work with and support Investis Digital's product, Connected Content, which unites communications, digital experiences and performance marketing.

Beta testing began in 2018, and it is generally available now.

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