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Activate Digital Selling With Personalization and Collaboration Empowered by AI-Driven Insights

Digital selling is redefining how organizations interact with customers and close sales, whether consumer oriented or business to business. The shift to digital selling models accelerated because of the pandemic and now has become table stakes in competing for customers. 

For business leaders, sales leaders and IT teams, the growing emphasis on digital selling models means they must take a new approach in how they meet the needs of customers.

In today’s environment, customers expect a personalized, data-driven experience. In fact, 66% of customers expect the companies they shop with to understand their needs and preferences, according to the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Consumer Goods Trends 2022 survey.

Sales teams must be digitally united to sell better and faster. They need tools that simplify their ability to:

  • Collaborate seamlessly in the flow of work, using familiar tools and processes.
  • Leverage consistent, current business data everywhere they are working.
  • Ensure that data has rich context via intelligence and insights that embed personalization into all aspects of selling.
  • Communicate easily as part of any business process, with tools that enable conversational intelligence.
  • Rely on integrated, end-to-end security to ensure trust and confidence across the digital selling ecosystem.

The Benefits of Context IQ
When it comes to empowering digital selling, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform with Microsoft Context IQ offers advantages that other solutions can’t match. One of the biggest benefits is the tight and seamless integration across the Microsoft business applications portfolio, spanning Azure, Microsoft 365, Dynamics 365, standalone applications and more.

This tight integration enables organizations to collaborate easily, using familiar tools in a hyperconnected environment. Additionally, it provides end-to-end native security that other platforms don’t offer, leveraging a zero trust architecture and centralized cybersecurity management view.

With Context IQ, sales teams can not only collaborate more effectively and securely, but they can also take advantage of all of the business data they need, wherever they are working, using personalized analytics and AI-driven insights to meet customer needs. Key features and benefits include: 

  • Collaboration: Sellers can work on deals with colleagues and customers in real time using familiar Microsoft 365 productivity and collaboration tools. Organizations can accelerate deal velocity by connecting sellers with key stakeholders and information.
  • Context: Sales teams can increase communication effectiveness by bringing customer context to the conversation. Business insights can be extracted, both in real time and post time, and seamlessly tied to where business data is stored. Dynamics data is available everywhere across Microsoft 365 applications.
  • Hyperconnected communications: Sales teams can conduct and answer calls, join online meetings and do email with one click. Organizations can accelerate team efficiency with data-driven, timely notifications and action in context. Modern security capabilities are native and embedded, providing a high level of trust and confidence for sales teams and customers.

Digital selling is an opportunity to give customers the personalized experiences they desire and to give sales teams the tools they need to be more collaborative and data centric. Choosing the right platform is essential. You need to be able to unite your selling teams with hyperconnected tools and security, so that business data and insights are available to everyone, whenever they’re working.

When it comes to a modern, cloud-based approach for digital sales, Microsoft is the only provider offering a comprehensive, complete digital selling platform in a hyperconnected and secure model that can be purchased all from a single vendor, with a single support channel.

For more information on how your organization can accelerate digital sales through collaboration, context and hyperconnectivity, please visit Microsoft.