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It’s Time to Evolve Automation to ‘Hyperautomation’

Business leaders are seeking ways to take automation to the next level. By  evolving to “hyperautomation” and automating more complex workflows, business processes and product development, they can reduce costs, improve efficiencies, increase productivity, accelerate time to market and drive profitability. 

While the reasons for taking automation to this level may be obvious, the path to getting there isn’t nearly as clear. Business and IT leaders have been challenged to automate at companywide scale and to consolidate the various types of automation tools in their organizations, such as process mining and chatbots.  

These limitations have hampered many organizations trying to simplify and scale automation to a level that could generate exponential business value. But those limitations are about to go away. The time has come for a new approach to automation, one that accomplishes several key goals for the business, including: 

  • Enable automation at scale and leverage cloud computing to streamline business processes and accelerate productivity across the organization.
  • Consolidate automation to bring together robotic process automation with digital process automation into a single platform model.
  • Power automation with modern tools and technologies, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, low-code/no-code and more.
  • Democratize intelligent automation by giving anyone in the organization—from professional developers to business users to citizen developers—the ability to seamlessly build automated solutions.
  • Ensure that integrated security protections are built in at every level of automation to enable a more secure and compliant organization that uses the same enterprise-grade governance tools everywhere. 

This type of holistic, single platform, democratized, intelligent model for automation at scale would have seemed like a pipedream just a few years ago. Today, however, it is real. The first solution on the market to achieve   this type of consolidated hyperautomation approach with built-in security is Power Automate, part of the Microsoft Power Platform.

With Microsoft Power Automate, business decision-makers can scale out automation across the entire organization. They can empower automation democratization to give anyone the ability to automate with built-in protections for security, compliance and governance.

The business benefits of this new model of hyperautomation are significant: lower costs, increased productivity, reduced risk of manual errors, faster time to market, better security, and improved compliance and governance. 

At a time when hybrid work, employee experience and work-life balance are in the spotlight, automation can be a valuable way to free employees from routine, manual tasks and boost morale by letting them focus on more strategic work. They can use self-service automation to be creative and innovative to make their work easier and get things done faster.

Microsoft Power Automate offers core capabilities and features that differentiate it from the competition. These include:

  • A single platform model: Organizations can discover, create and manage automation across the desktop and web in a centralized platform.
  • Easy low-code automation for all: Users can build solutions with ease, using drag-and-drop features and an intuitive visual designer with thousands of prebuilt connectors and templates.
  • Enterprise-grade security: Business leaders can have confidence that automation is being governed and scaled securely across the organization with Microsoft’s built-in data loss prevention and strict controls for data privacy and security.
  • Adaptive integration: Organizations can scale solutions as needs change, leveraging hyperautomation for ongoing sustainability. Microsoft offers the most comprehensive low-code automation platform that brings together UI and API-based automation with AI.
  • Ability to identify opportunities for automation: Process Advisor is a process mining capability in Microsoft Power Automate. It helps users better understand how they work, with process maps that show their steps and repetitions. From there, they can decide which tasks to automate through features such as process maps and out-of-the-box analytics.

Business leaders seeking ways to take automation to the next level now have a path forward. With Microsoft Power Automate, they can leverage the Microsoft cloud with a single, holistic hyperautomation platform that provides automation at scale, integrated security and a democratized, adaptive approach to automation. To find out more about how to take automation to the next level at your organization, please visit Microsoft.