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For Healthcare, Education and Government: How to Empower Customer Service From Anywhere

Organizations in healthcare, education, and state/local government have a huge opportunity to improve quality of life for their patients, students, and constituents by modernizing their customer service capabilities.

With more people working remotely and in hybrid environments, digital technology is having a transformative impact on customer service and experience by enabling organizations to empower and support customers with meaningful, impactful services wherever they are located, at any time.

In healthcare, for example, practitioners can provide data-rich, interactive telehealth services to limit face-to-face visits. Visiting nurses can communicate in real time with enhanced video and mixed reality collaboration tools to improve care and quality of life for patients. Administrators can reach larger populations by developing easier access through mobile apps, landing pages, kiosks, secure patient portals, and call centers.

The same types of transformative use cases are available in education and state/local government: Collaborative video and mixed reality tools for remote learning, teacher conferences, town hall meetings; AI-based analytics to support immersive educational programs and local service issues, such as traffic, zoning, voting, and more.

The list of possibilities is endless—provided you have an underlying end-to-end customer service technology platform in place. Enabling transformative customer service from anywhere—while still meeting gold standards in customer experience, collaboration, and employee satisfaction—is feasible only when you can leverage a unified cloud platform that has modern, end-to-end features and capabilities including:  

  • A broad portfolio of integrated, unified, always-connected applications.
  • A single source of data that is current, timely, accurate, and complete.
  • Embedded analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) to enable insight-driven decision-making and proactive, predictive support.
  • An omnichannel platform that gives patients, students, constituents, and workers a variety of touch points, all infused with data and insights.

The Benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365
When it comes to delivering the features and capabilities necessary for organizations in healthcare, education, and state/local government to transform customer service and support, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is setting standards other solutions can’t match.

Because Dynamics 365 is built on Azure, organizations can integrate all their customer-facing and back-office applications on a single platform that is resilient, secure, compliant, and connected.

In addition, organizations can leverage deep analytics and AI to ensure that workers are fully equipped with the tools, information, and knowledge to do their jobs. Beyond that, they can use intelligence to get ahead of user needs, to anticipate and solve issues as well as identify new opportunities to improve user satisfaction.

Within the Dynamics 365 portfolio, Microsoft offers several innovative solutions to help organizations transform the customer experience and turn the concept of customer service from anywhere into a reality for today and the future. Three innovative, service-focused solutions are:  

  • Dynamics 365 Customer Service, which allows organizations to give personalized service using an omnichannel platform that leverages analytics and AI to gain actionable insights into each user’s unique needs and identities. Organizations get comprehensive visibility into their own service operations and can proactively identify trends and opportunities from intelligent dashboards infused with AI-generated insights.
  • Dynamics 365 Field Service, which enables organizations to deliver a data-driven on-site service experience, including use of IoT signals and analytics to predict and resolve issues before the customer is even aware they exist. With embedded automation, intelligence, and connectedness, the Field Service solution is designed to intelligently aid in dispatching the right talent quickly, efficiently, and reliably, all while optimizing organizational resources and reducing operational costs.
  • Dynamics 365 Remote Assist, which is a mixed reality application designed to modernize the way workers connect with remote collaborators via video, audio, text, file sharing, and real-world annotations. Remote Assist allows people who are performing work on site, such as visiting nurses or IT service teams, to share their field of view and collaborate with people in other locations, using virtually any device, including HoloLens mixed reality sunglasses. Users can save time and costs by conducting virtual inspections with remote collaborators, so personnel don’t have to be at the site.

Connected, intelligent, secure, and resilient digital solutions are giving organizations in healthcare, education, and state/local government a chance to transform how they conceive and deliver customer service and support.

With the right platform, organizations can thrill their users while reducing costs, alleviating pressure on employees, empowering remote and hybrid work, and accelerating digital transformation through technology innovation.  For more information, please visit Dynamics.Microsoft.com.