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What does CommVault Simpana 10 error code 19:861 mean?

What does CommVault Simpana 10 Error code 19:861 mean and how do I resolve it?

In CommVault Simpana 10, error codes starting with the number 19 are related to the Job Manager Service. Code 19:861 is a generic "Killed By" message. When this error occurs, there is usually an accompanying text string that can give you a clue as to why the job was killed. This is important, because a job can be killed by an administrator or by the system.

In some cases, a job will be killed by the system in response to an administrative action. This is especially true for situations in which an administrator submits a job that overlaps with another job that has just been initiated. Simpana does not automatically kill every overlapping job. The job is only killed if the new job completely encompasses the previous job and no data has been transferred. Otherwise, both jobs will be allowed to run.

The system might also kill a job if it takes too long to run. This condition is a little bit tricky to understand because it does not imply that a job will be killed if it takes too long to complete. There is a difference between a job taking too long to run and a job taking too long to complete.

Simpana contains a setting called Enable Total Running Time. When this setting is enabled, the administrator is able to specify a maximum time in hours and minutes. The important thing to understand is that the clock starts ticking when the job is created, not when the job starts running. If the clock runs out before the time limit is reached then the job will be automatically killed by the system. However, if the job is running when the clock runs out then the job will be allowed to continue running to completion.

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