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5 of the hottest backup and recovery software startups to watch


Clumio handles secure data protection for VMware VMs, AWS

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Clumio Inc. markets itself as providing SaaS data protection for an all-cloud world. Clumio protects VMware VMs, regardless of whether they're running on premises or in the VMware cloud on top of AWS.

Clumio strives to drive down backup costs by reducing the complexity of managing infrastructure. The company advertises its backup software as being "set it and forget it," which greatly reduces the administrative burden associated with backups.

In addition to secure data protection, Clumio provides automatic scaling, centralized backup policy management and tools for helping assess regulatory compliance.

Clumio's pricing plan is designed to take some of the guesswork out of billing. The company charges based only on the number of VMs they provision -- not on the size of the VMs -- but Clumio doesn't disclose specific pricing details.

The company also offers Clumio Backup for AWS Native Services.

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