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5 of the hottest backup and recovery software startups to watch


Cloud Daddy extends cloud data protection to AWS workloads

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Cloud Daddy Inc. specializes in backing up AWS resources, including Elastic Compute Cloud instances, Elastic Block Store data, Relational Database Service databases, DynamoDB, and Aurora and RedShift clusters.

Cloud Daddy takes a unique approach to cloud data protection. Rather than focusing solely on backup logistics, like other backup vendors, it takes a three-tier approach to data protection: backup and DR, advanced security, and infrastructure management.

Key features include automated snapshot management, AWS storage cost estimates for backups and replication jobs, and the ability to back up on-premises resources to AWS. The company's cloud data protection includes a firewall management dashboard, triggered events and the ability to automatically create a backup any time unusual activity is detected.

Cloud Daddy offers four cloud data protection plans, with rates based on monthly, biannual or annual billing. The company's Starter package covers up to 20 AWS instances, five AWS accounts and tenants, and 20 users. The Growth package allows for up to 50 AWS instances, 10 accounts and tenants, and 40 users. The Enterprise plan covers up to 100 AWS instances, 30 accounts and tenants, and 120 users. Cloud Daddy also offers an Elastic plan for companies with more demanding needs.

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