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5 of the hottest backup and recovery software startups to watch


HYCU helps simplify data protection for Nutanix environments

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Designer: Linda Koury

HYCU Inc. was spun off from the Comtrade Group into its own company in 2018. It currently has offices in the U.S., Europe and Australia. The company provides a complete backup offering for protecting resources in the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud.

HYCU for Nutanix was specifically designed to be efficient and easy to use. The company claims that it only takes four minutes to learn how to use the software, which can be deployed in three minutes, with recoveries taking less than two minutes.

HYCU places a major emphasis on application awareness and provides self-service recovery capabilities that enable users to backup and recover application data on an as-needed basis. The software also includes a dashboard that administrators can use to monitor policy compliance, backup jobs and other events.

HYCU also offers data protection for VMware, Google Cloud Platform and Azure.

HYCU pricing for Nutanix starts at $1,500 per socket, or customers can choose monthly subscription pricing of $75 per socket and $12 per VM for enterprises. Public cloud subscriptions and billing are handled through the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace and Azure Marketplace, respectively. Pricing is determined by the amount of data being protected and the frequency of backup and starts at 12¢ per GB. HYCU for Azure data protection is currently free through June 30.  

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