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5 of the hottest backup and recovery software startups to watch


Kasten K10 offers cloud-based backup and DR for Kubernetes

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Kasten Inc. has offices in the Bay Area of California and in Draper, Utah. The company's K10 platform is a backup and DR product for Kubernetes applications.

Kasten is unique in that its product was purpose-built for Kubernetes. The company didn't simply attempt to bolt Kubernetes support onto an existing product. Kasten provides a GUI management interface as well as an API that organizations can use to create custom offerings. The company also focuses heavily on security by providing features such as AWS identity and access management roles, role-based access control, OpenID Connect and enterprise-grade encryption.

Although Kasten doesn't disclose pricing information, the company offers a free Starter edition of its backup and DR software. Although this version is identical to the Enterprise edition, it's limited in scale and is licensed only for evaluation and nonproduction use.

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