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RAID data protection quiz: Test your knowledge

How well do you know RAID? It may be time to test your know-how. Find out how much you know about RAID levels, origins and their relationship to data backup with this quiz.

RAID is ubiquitous in data protection, but thanks to numerous levels, variations and functions, even the most seasoned pros may need a refresher from time to time.

RAID has been around for decades, and consistent improvements have kept it relevant even as alternatives surface. For example, object storage can manage vast amounts of data. Storage experts also consider object storage to be more flexible and cost-effective than RAID, thanks to the former's use of metadata. However, RAID levels are widely used by organizations that have relied on and invested in the technology for years, so it is unlikely to disappear any time soon.

Whether you're new to the technology or simply want to challenge yourself, the below RAID quiz tests you on your general RAID knowledge, its place in a data protection strategy and the nuances of different RAID levels in use today.

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