moves, adds and changes (MAC)

Moves, adds and changes (MAC) is a set of tasks that IT teams regularly perform to keep computing equipment up-to-date and aligned with user requirements.

MAC may  refer to a small alteration, such as upgrading a single network switch, or to a large and involved upgrade such as decommissioning servers in one location and recommissioning and configuring those servers in another location. IT architects should design systems to readily accommodate MAC processes. MAC is a commonly used term in telephony management as well as network administration where incremental changes occur frequently.

Many enterprises standardize moves, adds and changes and provide employees with instructions for how to request and document MACs. Documentation should be complete enough that another technician could easily replicate or modify the move, add or change. In some organizations, MAC may be part of a larger IT asset management initiative. 

In IT asset lifecycle management, MAC may also be referred to as IMAC (installs, moves, adds and changes)  or IMACD (installs, moves, adds, changes and disposal).

MAC should not be confused with MAC address, a device's Media Access Control address.

This was last updated in February 2015

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