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Special edition, September 2019

How to address HCI's resource provisioning challenges

Hyper-converged infrastructure promises to make IT resource provisioning, including storage, less complicated thanks to the way it scales. When IT needs to deliver more processing power or storage capacity to applications or needs to support more workloads, managers add more servers, which become nodes in the cluster. Each node includes a prerequisite amount of computing power and storage capacity, and the environment automatically scales as demands warrant. The challenge is that hyper-converged infrastructure sacrifices efficiency for simpler resource provisioning. Most data centers don't require additional computing power, storage performance and storage capacity at the same pace. In almost every HCI environment, one or two of these resources is out of balance, meaning more resources are available than needed. Compute-dense environments end up with idle storage capacity, and demanding storage capacity environments wind up with idle CPUs. The industry has identified these efficiency challenges of first-generation HCI offerings....

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