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What you should know about Collibra Data Governance Center

Collibra Data Governance Center is a repository- and workflow-oriented data governance platform that also offers features for data management and data stewardship.

Data Governance Center from Collibra is an enterprise-oriented data governance platform that provides tools for data management and stewardship. The software allows enterprises to organize and manage data assets and related data policies and rules. It also provides a central location for storing these items to ensure that all business users are accessing the most current versions of these assets and policies.

Collibra Data Governance Center offers an interactive repository for managing an organization's data assets and associated terminology, as well as data governance policies and rules. It also provides features for roles-based workflow management and data stewardship.

How does the software support data governance tasks?

Collibra Data Governance Center provides features for both repository- and workflow-oriented data governance initiatives. The platform's metadata repository lets enterprises create, organize and manage their data assets with precision, which helps reduce errors, simplify remediation and enable users to search for and access assets or policies. Its business process management workflow engine and management features let enterprises automate and structure data governance tasks and ensure that data stewards and other users are managing and updating the correct asset or policy. This is further reinforced by the platform's roles-based access, which lets enterprises assign task-specific roles and control user privileges and access. Workflow management also helps ensure quick issue resolution in the event of errors or access problems.

Collibra Data Governance Center features Data Stewardship Manager, a tool that helps enterprises establish and maintain a process-oriented data governance and management strategy. Data stewards and business users can utilize the tool to collaborate on and enact best practices and establish guidelines and policies for data quality, data sharing and policy management. The tool offers configurable templates for creating data models and lets enterprises link their policies and rules to existing data assets for traceability and compliance purposes. It also features a fully configurable operating model that lets enterprises dictate how their data aligns with business needs, allowing them to designate business processes, units, regions and stewards based completely on the enterprise's specific needs.

The platform also includes a business glossary, which lets enterprises document, store, update and search for business and data definitions. The glossary makes this information accessible to all users, and centralizing these definitions ensures that all users are accessing the most current and accurate information possible. The glossary can also be used to identify and track data asset relationships, which helps enterprises better understand their data and improve how it's managed and updated.

Who benefits from using Collibra Data Governance Center?

The platform can be used by organizations of all sizes. Data Governance Center is designed to principally support chief data officers, but its various features make it useful for all employees involved in an organization's data governance and data management tasks. Users can also integrate their own proprietary services with Data Governance Center through the use of Collibra Connect, an enterprise service bus-based integration tool within the platform. Collibra Connect lets enterprises merge their existing services with Data Governance Center and allows them to continue to utilize and integrate their existing automated tasks (such as data quality report results or reports of changes to metadata) with the platform.

How is Collibra Data Governance Center licensed and priced?

The platform can be deployed on premises on Windows or Linux systems or hosted on a private cloud via the Data Governance Center Cloud Edition, which can be accessed via web browser. A mobile app for iOS devices is also available.

Pricing is on a per-subscription basis and is determined by the number of concurrent editors accessing the platform. Collibra offers a number of support services for Data Governance Center, including launch services and workshops on how to improve enterprise data governance initiatives. A free trial of the platform is available by contacting Collibra.

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