Weighing Microsoft Office 2010

Microsoft Office 2010 offers a slew of new features for both end users and IT pros. Check out the pros and cons of the newest suite in this guide for enterprises and consumers.

Microsoft Office 2010 offers a slew of new features for both end users and IT pros, including Web-based versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote, and online collaboration and document sharing capabilities that previously users could only get from the competition. The suite is available to enterprises May 12, 2010. The consumer version was released June 15, 2010.


Quick Guide to Office 2010:
Office in the enterprise  | Outlook | Word | Excel  | PowerPoint | Free options


Office 2010 could be hard sell for most enterprises
Although Microsoft has made some enhancements to Outlook in Office 2010, companies that use SharePoint Server have the most to gain from the updated software.

  • More  Office, SharePoint 2010 face competition, tight economy


What's new in Outlook 2010?
Microsoft upped the ante with Outlook 2010 by adding new features to help users increase productivity and become less reliant on the Help Desk.

Outlook 2010 review
Outlook 2010 includes some radical new features never before seen in a Microsoft email client. But are these new bells and whistles enough to keep the old mail workhorse in the game? (From NotebookReview.com)

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Outlook 2010 Social Connector review
The Outlook Social Connector is a surprisingly un-Microsoft-like feature that imports social network data into your contact list, potentially displaying the recent online activity of everyone you know. (From NotebookReview.com)

Slideshow Top 10 new features in Microsoft Outlook 2010
There are several new features that make the user experience more enjoyable in Microsoft Outlook 2010. Our expert offers the 10 best in this slideshow.


Word 2010 review
Microsoft Word 2010 is the crown jewel of the latest version of MS Office, but has the world's best-known word processor evolved enough to justify an upgrade? (From NotebookReview.com)

Office Live Word Starter and Excel Starter 2010 review
Fans of Microsoft Works may be disappointed to learn that their preferred lightweight office suite has been discontinued in favor of a very different product: Office 2010 Starter Edition. (From NotebookReview.com)


Excel 2010 review
Excel's makeover may be the least radical of any app in Office 2010, but that's not to say that the world's most popular spreadsheet application didn't see some significant tweaks. (From NotebookReview.com)

Self-service business intelligence: SQL Server and Excel 2010

An intro to PowerPivot
Microsoft PowerPivot, an add-on for Excel 2010, allows you to stay within the product as you develop a BI application.

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PowerPoint 2010 review
PowerPoint 2010 gains some solid ground over the 2007 version -- especially if you regularly build media-rich presentations. But the new internal media-editing tools come up a little short. (From NotebookReview.com)


Microsoft Office Web Apps review
Microsoft is taking on Google Docs with browser-based online versions of Word, Excel, OneNote and PowerPoint. Are the Office Web Apps ready to topple their cloud competitors, or is this more Microsoft hypeware? (From NotebookReview.com)

Google makes Docs more like Microsoft Office
Google Docs is getting better in some ways, but in other ways, Office still rules. Collaboration features remain strong, but Office 2010 is just around the corner.

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Free alternatives to Office: The (don't have to) buyers guide
There's a plethora of freebie office suites out there. See which one is most worth the money you don't have to spend. (From NotebookReview.com)

Office 2010: Better than Google, or just part of the cloud crowd?
Microsoft Office 2010 launches to mixed reactions. Will its cloud features overpower Google Apps?


Quick Guide to Office 2010:
Office in the enterprise  | Outlook | Word | Excel  | PowerPoint | Free options


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