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December 2018, Vol. 6, No. 6

To improve employee engagement, companies must measure results

Within the last year, TechTarget -- the company that publishes Business Information -- made massive renovations to our office space as part of a larger plan that included strategies to improve employee engagement. Every employee's old desk got chucked and replaced by modern desks that can rise to a standing position at the press of a button for those who want to avoid sitting at work all day. Meanwhile, our previous small kitchen got ripped out and construction crews knocked down a few walls. Now, we have a spacious kitchen and café-type seating area with touchscreen soda machines, various coffee options, fresh fruit deliveries and daily pop-up food vendors. It's a cool setting, and people here love it. We also allegedly upgraded our conference phones, but the hardware doesn't work well all the time. And a lot of people complain about that problem, particularly if they call in and can't hear what's going on during a meeting. It's easy to see why efforts to improve employee engagement can be difficult and tricky to accomplish. ...

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