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December 2018, Vol. 6, No. 6

Workplace engagement yields employee diversity and inclusion

Do employees feel like they belong at their company? Discovering the answer to that question involves the right technologies bolstered by a company's desire to establish a diverse and inclusive culture. If employees feel valued, if they have confidence in a company's products and leadership, that will turn up in employee engagement results, said Charmien Fugelsang, vice president of talent at content creation firm Vimeo Inc. Those results will indicate to a company whether employees "really feel like they're included in critical decisions [and whether] they feel their voice is valued," she said. Workplace engagement will also reveal if employees believe they have the right tools and access to opportunities for growth. But the most important indicator is whether employees "believe in their leaders [and] in the potential of the company's product," Fugelsang said. Vimeo is located in New York, where the labor market is highly competitive. Fugelsang said Culture Amp, a self-service SaaS employee engagement survey platform, allows ...

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