Field Nation One aims for better employee management

Field Nation One is a suite of programs aimed at simplifying the management of a blended workforce. There are platforms for recruitment, managing workflow and more.

In an effort to simplify the management of a blended workforce, Field Nation has launched Field Nation One -- a single platform for onboarding and organizing talent, managing project workflow and reporting.

According to Field Nation, 80% of companies use a mix of W-2 employees, contractors and vendors to complete work, which it claims leads businesses to spend too much time managing employees. Field Nation One was created to help businesses organize and recruit workers, expand coverage, manage projects, receive real-time updates and schedule W-2 employees.

Field Nation One enables users to group different types of workers into talent pools based on skill, location or experience. That way, projects can be routed to the appropriate worker to fill coverage gaps.

Additionally, Field Nation One users have access to the Field Nation Marketplace, allowing them to browse and recruit workers to build talent pools and provide a custom onboarding process for each worker. Using Field Nation Marketplace, Field Nation claims One users can expand talent pools further by recruiting workers in different markets.

LinkedIn uses an applicant tracking system called Talent Hub that works similarly. It can be used to source, hire and manage a talent pool.

The platform consists of programs to create and route a project, assign a worker, process payments and analyze end results. According to Field Nation, using a single integrated system decreases overhead costs.

There is also a mobile app available with One, which allows businesses to manage project workflow by receiving real-time updates when technicians arrive at a location and provide a service.

The One platform also allows businesses to access all W-2 employee schedules and apply filters, such as background checks, location and type of work, and then use that information to create and assign a work order in the calendar.

SAP SuccessFactors is another complete human capital management suite. It provides software for core HR responsibilities such as payroll and benefits, in addition to software for recruiting, onboarding, performance/goals management, succession and development planning, workforce analytics, and reporting and workforce planning.

Field Nation One is available now.

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