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Give containers the infrastructure they need

To deploy containers in production, you'll first need to undertake a serious examination of your IT infrastructure. What's already in place will matter as much as the technologies you bring into play to meet your goals for containerized applications.

This handbook provides a checklist for operations teams as they begin to ready their IT infrastructure and management practices for containers. Independent technology analyst Kurt Marko explains the elements of that preparation, which cover everything from hardware to orchestration. There are licensing considerations, too, and monitoring shouldn't be overlooked. In short, there's a lot to do.

This handbook also features articles to guide your container deployment. Included are hands-on instructions for that first Docker container build, as well as tips on how to make container infrastructure investments that might deliver ROI.

To move an organization into the container era, you'll want to organize your infrastructure and operations functions appropriately. This foundation will enable containers to do what they do best -- without disruptions to other important IT activities.

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