MobileIron is a company that provides management and security software for mobile apps, content and devices. MobileIron's stated goal is to make mobile devices, operating systems and applications the primary computing platforms for all organizations -- what is known as a mobile-first approach.

As of 2017, MobileIron had more than 15,000 customers of its enterprise mobility management (EMM) software. The company had also obtained 53 U.S. patents for mobile security technology.


Bob Tinker, Ajay Mishra and Suresh Batchu co-founded MobileIron in Mountain View, Calif., in 2007. Apple released the iPhone that year, and the first mobile device running Google's Android operating system followed in 2008. With the resulting influx of mobile devices in the workplace, MobileIron launched its mobile device management (MDM) platform in 2009.

The following year, MobileIron launched its Sentry for iPad app to secure and control access to Apple's new tablet in the enterprise. Sentry evolved to become a feature of the overall MobileIron Platform that manages and secures connections between mobile devices and enterprise systems, such as email.

MobileIron went public in 2014, with shares priced at $9. By early 2016, the stock price fell below $4. MobileIron replaced Tinker as CEO and brought in Barry Mainz, the former president of Intel subsidiary Wind River. Tinker remained on the board of directors until June 2017.


MobileIron's products are available both as on-premises software and as cloud services. MobileIron's offerings include:

MobileIron Platform: MobileIron's EMM software provides MDM, mobile application management and mobile content management capabilities. It secures data at rest on mobile devices and in apps and cloud services, plus data in motion on corporate networks.

MobileIron Access: This product allows organizations to secure and control access to cloud applications on mobile devices.

MobileIron Bridge: This feature aims to unite mobile device and Windows 10 PC management, an approach known as unified endpoint management.

Apps: MobileIron offers a long list of apps that organizations can deploy to users to provide access to approved enterprise services and content. IT can also use some of these apps to take advantage of additional security and management capabilities.

MobileIron sells its EMM product in three bundles -- silver, gold and platinum -- which offer various features. Organizations can buy the licenses for these bundles on a per-device or per-user basis.

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