Top 10 disruptive technology vendors in the enterprise


2. Apple

More than any other product or service, Apple’s iPhone opened the consumerization floodgates.

Its release in 2007 changed users’ expectations of mobile technology, and the opening of the App Store put high-powered, user-friendly business apps right at their fingertips. Apple, Inc. followed the iPhone up with the iPad in 2010, which sparked the bring your own device trend. By 2011, the iPhone had overtaken BlackBerry, the enterprise stalwart, as the most popular smartphone among business users.

For a long time, Apple focused solely on consumers, making enterprise support and management a challenge for IT. The company has warmed up to the enterprise as of late, however, releasing Apple Configurator and improving iOS device management capabilities.

Photo (cc) by Steve Rhodes and republished here under a Creative Commons license. Some rights reserved.

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